recently made two new websites,


website (the home appliance industry competition is intense, the diabetes health network, the new station), in order to increase the pr (weight), increase included, increase the back chain! Actually the objective is to increase the return chain! After a period of struggle, summed up some experience! Some people say that the exchange links very tired very vexed, actually myself frightened! For the link is really easy! If you haven’t started, then hurry up! The

method is very simple!

step 1: prepare one or more QQ numbers,

The second step: Baidu

"link exchange QQ group", a lot of QQ group in front of you, and then began to apply to join! (this work is relatively simple, but be patient), general application time to join a group are required to verify the information to fill in the application, what? To this occasion, if the group name is Links exchange links, and other words, for I love Links fill in the general information exchange, as long as the general group should work dissatisfaction. If the group name is SEO, then write the corresponding Adsense words is to let him know your keywords, and this group is subject to OK!! this can increase the probability of application through

Oh!!The third step: enter the group after

, there are a lot of selling, there is a station, a station, you will find this time, how easy it is for 5-10 links every day, I saw a lunatic Lord, one day want to change 200 links until! OK, station information do you want to change the link here, choose good writing, web site is need to write, if the site is not PR, no income do not write, included not many, just write Baidu Google included normal words! Because some people do not look at your station, directly ask you to change link, may find you the station after how much garbage after the communication, is actually very easy to get away! As long as there are people in contact with you is no problem! Chat 10 for 1-3 should be no problem, I can change 10 chat 8-9! Look at my home appliance maintenance network That’s it. It’s been a week or so,


fourth step: after the success of communication is to change the link, change the link don’t forget routine, add friends, to facilitate future contacts. Here we note that in order to facilitate search suggestions on the website Links management introduction to fill in the station of QQ, if the static pages have the best a table or a text file record site and webmaster, convenient after breaking the chain after contact, after all this is a long relationship. ~ ~ also convenient QQ record friends with the website, also fill his friends website in the information note. Bidirectional relations, easy to find,


link is so simple, I one day for 5-10 links, the basic time is 30-60 minutes every day, not much time wasted! A month will be able to do about 200! General change page is the link, a station is full Links >

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