has a lot of friends, when it comes to website operation, it seems complex and impossible. Many new friends have been SEO and so on to get dizzy, head think SEO is the entire web site operation, in fact, organize the real operation idea, so 32 things.

website optimization

website optimization refers to the site itself is in line with the search engine set or match up, his main means and methods and then a few (there are many others said many times, I can not say here). The principle is also very simple, that is, let the search engine find your station, and fall in love with your station, every day to your little station tour. Here, I want to explain a few points, increase the chain, and not want to many articles narrow understanding, in Webmaster online soft Wen, in fact, there are many. For example, our new Bass Business Navigation in Baidu search, certainly not in the webmaster online first row out, we should be discharged on Sina blog, so new friends do not be fooled. How to let Baidu say love you to your station, Baidu station through the chain is mainly to inspect it, was the first time crawling not immediately included your station, the performance in the new bass navigation on my business is particularly prominent, until now he was still watching our station, only included a page. But GOOGLE different, GOOGLE crawl when the station included the station, and with the station’s update is also updated. From my observation, GOOGLE does include all aspects faster than Baidu. In order to let search engines fall in love with your station, there is a very core thing, to emphasize that the site itself updates, this is to let them come every day reason, do not ignore.

website publicity

in fact, the optimization is to let the demand of Internet users to come to you, but sometimes we have to go to the initiative to find them, as if many commodities now in addition to sales staff, but also salesman. Website publicity, but also pay attention to your customers where, do not aimless blind. If I put this station Bess Business Navigation webmaster online publicity to get old words (except the analysis of examples to do), to be sure to back you spit up, the reason is very simple, few do network friends want to learn so many things, for these friends to speak, look at the operation related articles, learn more really, saying that white is the client object error.

website hype

this topic is quite big, also is not the general website can do. But this kind of speculation can make a new station grow up at once. There are many similar examples. For example, a traditional industry tycoon to enter the Internet, then he certainly will not honestly like us grass roots to optimize honestly, speculation is a good way for them to grow quickly. The Tuo Tuo net is one of them.

in fact, the website operation is not as complicated as everyone says, but the grass roots operation is not as simple as everyone imagines. He is actually a simple project. Now, as individuals stand more and more, operating places >

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