thought about it for a long time and didn’t know where to start. The computer was full of information and data about SNS and web2.0..

from the beginning of last year, has been committed to research and experience of domestic SNS (Social Network), it is no exaggeration to say that there are places where SNS usually have my figure, even a small rough SNS UCH built the framework based on my registration or enter the experience also has nearly 100, in fact, now think about it think, the most benefit from the most effective and most helpful for small owners or to feel and contact UCH to build a small community, a variety of unique creative services and a superb collection of beautiful things and a small plug-in, based on a small function, small changes, small use let me find everything fresh and new ~~

yes, UCH open platform, it really should be a poem: suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of pear trees ~~

however, is the foam behind the flourishing scene or is the wealth surging,


is reasonable, reasonable, there must be a reason behind it:

first looked at several phenomena:

, NetEase: October 25th, according to foreign reports, Microsoft announced an agreement with social networking site Facebook, will pay $240 million to buy 1.6 of the shares of the site. Prior to this, Google also offered an offer, but was rejected by Facebook.

Microsoft has been negotiating with Facebook for weeks, and the deal has brought the site to a total valuation of $15 billion. Facebook was founded by Mark Zook Berg (MarkZUCkerberg) in the dormitory of Harvard University 4 years ago. Microsoft and Facebook have established advertising and sales partnerships last year, and as Facebook expands beyond the U. S. market, Microsoft will also gain the right to sell online advertising abroad,.

NetEase technology news April 30th, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese Softbank Corp and China oak interactive group reached an agreement, officially became the latter’s largest shareholder, and incorporated into Softbank’s command. Foreign, Softbank, the acquisition of 1000 rubber group 14% of the shares, involving an amount of about 10 billion yen (about 675 million yuan), plus private placement, the total capital contribution of Softbank will reach about 40 billion yen (about 2 billion 700 million yuan), which has 40% of the shares of 1000 rubber group. And Softbank President Sun Zhengyi will serve as director of Thousand Oaks interactive, directly involved in business decisions.

Thousand Oaks interactive cat community and campus network are domestic active college community, according to Softbank’s bid, thousand oak group valued at about 940 million U.S. dollars (about 6 billion 600 million yuan). Thousand oak group confirmed that it has received $430 million investment.

then look at the authoritative statistics report:

NetEase news January 8th, just announced the 2007 annual China >

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