high and low, used to describe easy letter, absolutely not excessive. As NetEase and telecom jointly recommend and build instant messaging software, the emergence of credulity, so that once silent mobile platform pattern is expected to further development. He accumulated 3 million users from the line for three days, easecredit does have its own attractions. Grafted with mobile platforms and operators efforts, easy letter can be the shortest and most effective way to marketing, and this advantage is indeed once the immediate pioneers of Fetion envy. Of course, all this has been more Internet information to cover up, then the lack of attention of the letter will be the next letter Fetion


is essentially, easecredit and letter are two different types of products, one is similar to the partition function of mobile phone short message, just as a function of the cover, and the other one is facing the broader user platform, make a popular platform, from the development of inclusive, easecredit survival the ability to more than the strong fetion. Plus easecredit has three Netcom and telecom users free flow, strangers easecredit free, easy to believe even if there is no social support, by virtue of the circle of acquaintances contact can also maintain a certain share, but it is easy to believe at first and development goals draw further apart.


want to do is certainly more than the so-called communication business, go to the traditional operators play doorways, easecredit for big data in the mobile Internet era, but from the current master of the situation, easecredit user activity is very low, and superimposed on the product function is not bright, to do do WeChat is still the old routine, but easy to believe to understand that WeChat is backed by the Tencent of the tree, which has good operating experience of mobile phone QQ, coupled with the more mature auxiliary system and channel strategy, like WeChat can be a kind of results. On the other hand, the letter should be done well, and the construction of auxiliary resource channels is essential.

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functional classification, two directories to which data using WeChat, WeChat has a number of products around the escort so easy to believe that the webmaster coupons do not make the same score, will have their own third of an acre, the Internet resource system from the social, the next line of business to pay, from the data platform to finance, easecredit should give itself to the station in order to achieve a better view on the shoulders of giants. Moreover, NetEase over the years committed to the Internet industry, has a certain amount of resources, so that more of their social preferences in the information presentation, may not be a good start.

address the gap and weakness of products, although the industry for WeChat to sweep and shake the opinion of many, the user experience is not perfect, but it is undeniable that the user for this function is in favor of a little more. Moreover, the society is fastidious about the acquaintance circle and the stranger’s communication and the exchange, shakes shakes conforms to most people’s social demand, therefore, when designing the product, must give the full consideration.

is clear about the importance of social concepts to the importance of credulity. What is social networking? I think everyone will say

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