long time attention to network marketing, let me have a habit of thinking. See someone to look at the blog website PR value, money mode, such as not only the reverse link on the Internet; someone would get the name card in addition to the network, the Internet to check the other blog, in order to assess the strength of each other. This professional habit really wasted me a lot of youth.

a long time ago, when my blog was built, I worked hard and accumulated a lot of blog posts. But after several changes of space have been changed several times for my domain name on the blog blog lost not interested readers, decreasing their passion but also — this is my kind of rely on the network for people living in rural areas is very stupid, do not think of work, enjoy. Think, for a chance of winning the lottery fierce.

in fact, a blog do well, not in the number of calls, but not in the search engine optimization much better, but in its readers’ reputation, the reader’s response. For the author, the reader’s advantage is that the author of the article, some people in response to resonate, so as to motivate the author writing desire, to comfort the author fond of teaching others desire to express. It can be said that the reader is God for the author, no matter how good the author is and how powerful the author is. As long as the reader does not agree, everything else is rubbish.

from a marketing point of view, to meet customer demand is a good product. This world is regarded as the treasure of the consumers is really a lot of, for example, two years ago, Gmail let all the orders, although not far from the former and compared; such as you to seek enlightenment monk in the temple of light, but suffer from monk quantitative light, and not seeking. So, what kind of thing can not be considered garbage, treasure the reader? I think carefully, there is some scarce resources, reputation full of things, even shuojin eternal truth.

to write a good article, perhaps for readers is the life-saving straw, or internal organs heart the "Six Meridian Swords", we welcome from the blog like a flock of ducks, is hot, but this is only a general idea of blogger. The training process of blog readers far not so simple, with a paper was praised and sought after Xiaowen is no longer possible, there is no one success in the world. If you want to get the reader as you need to unremittingly blogging, maybe one day, God made no other explanation for the words you get success, God helps those who help themselves, can only say that your good luck.

I believe that the construction of blog user loyalty should be considered as follows:

1, positioning your blog. People often say, "how big the heart is and how big the world is." I think it’s also true. If you use it in your mind, it should be more effective. If in the work, I think it is not realistic, can be, but at this stage can not be achieved. To make a blog and build a house, you have to set a goal for your house you’re going to build, or >

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