is a widely circulated story: Arctic lemming is one of the most common, cute little animal, living in northern Norway and Eurasian high latitude coniferous forest. When the condition is appropriate, a number of lemming populations within a year can be increased more than 10 times. It is said that whenever the number of them after the rapid expansion, there will be a phenomenon: all the lemming begin to become restless, around shouting, running, or even stop eating, suddenly one day, these little guys started in one direction, forming a mighty army migration team, go to the sea, and then jump into the sea from cliff.

investment guru Buffett love "lemming effect" to describe the individual smart and collective unconscious. Over the past two years, China has more than 5000 websites offering group buying operations, and most of them work with each other in COPY. As the winter of capital arrives early, in fact, the vast majority of them will not survive in 2012.

The key problem is the next

, what kind of "lemmings" can


the following two messages can provide clues to answer.

, the first one is about Taobao, Juhuasuan. December 28th, Alibaba group’s buy platform Juhuasuan, announced the 2011 operating results: buy total turnover exceeded 10 billion 100 million, accounting for half of the entire group buying industry. At the same time, 2012 will be fully open Juhuasuan million active users and 12 million independent traffic as well as from 600 million funds Ali financial 600 million loans and Venture Capital Alliance Group’s Alibaba, and officially opened the independent domain name.

, the second one is about elong. ELong CEO Cui Guangfu in micro-blog revealed that elong hotel group purchase for the first time exceeded 100 thousand rooms in December, is Chinese hotel group purchase market first! Elong sold room is 4 times as Ctrip, where to go is 3 times. Elong has more than 1 thousand hotels online and is the only one on the market that can book hotels online. Cui Guangfu said the data can not be confirmed, but the same product from the two sites in the sales volume, there is a clear gap.



in fact, buy a website to make money, there are only two ways to go: either you are big enough, or you are specialized enough. The former leads to platform companies, while the latter is expert enterprises.

, but there are no more than 3 companies in China that are eligible for the internet. The road to the platform is a single plank bridge. Most want to do Chinese version of Groupon independent buy site can give up, because Taobao, Juhuasuan’s market power is greater than Groupon in the United States, and Taobao is the most important import of Chinese e-commerce flow. >

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