some people say that Taobao’s most important factor in defeating eBay is its tight grip on the foundation of China’s Internet culture, free of charge. Relying on its "free" strategy, quickly opened up channels and promoted the market, and soon it won over eBay, which has been implementing the charging system. We can recall: mail, QQ, online games and so on, all experienced from charge to free process. Why? Because the world does not love free lunch, free Internet users are always looking forward to the same.

but the question is, for many of our industry website, especially in the iron and steel industry information website, the main profit model is the information of the membership fee, such as my steel, Lange steel network, if the website information is all free, then the site will be the loss of the largest source of income, it is difficult to long term survival.

this paper, the author is to explore the basis of free information is the inevitable trend of development for the steel iron and steel website, website, the so-called basic information refers to the objective facts or information information, non core analysis report and has not been processed or slightly processing industry data.

I think the basic information free is inevitable, there are two reasons:

one, basic information can not become the core competitiveness of the website. Although some basic information (such as around the market offer, the steel production data etc.) takes a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to collect, but these did not become the core competitiveness of the website, because this information is an objective fact, if other sites take the same cost, it be able to do it, do even more accurate and better precision. Even in our current intellectual property laws and regulations based on weak circumstances, piracy is not taboo, other web site personnel only need to copy and paste.

secondly, basic information charges will become an obstacle to the development of the website. Internet, especially China’s Internet culture, one of the obvious genes is the need for free, free habits. A website has been charging system, the new B website can provide homogeneous content services, but it is free, the results can be imagined, users will gradually transfer to the B site. Also some people say, his website is old door, it is the authority of the industry. In fact, the concept of authority is that you identify with many people before you call authority. How can one be called authority if the site is completely depleted of users?.

so, the author thinks that in the iron and steel industry website, if there is a large website for free, other sites will inevitably be forced to follow up, the charge and the network game development process will be free completely consistent. Otherwise, the market share of other websites will gradually be lost. However, if you want to achieve free, you will need to have one or more other profit models to replace, otherwise, the site is difficult to survive.

in the future, before the steel industry website does not create a new profit model

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