college students on the one hand is able to exercise their social skills, the other side can also make   they feel the life of society. So now the college students are still very much, if you want to do a college students now, which projects can refer to it?

16: new business college English teacher

16 new business students: magic balloon business

do magic is a relatively new thing, after the Spring Festival last year, Louis Liu’s magic fire is triggered a boom is the favorite occupation, the balloon kids holiday toys, if able to develop this new balloon will have good business.

16 new business students: Baby souvenir store

according to the relevant investigation, a market size of about 80 billion yuan, the maternal and infant baby souvenir market every year, as a branch of one of the market, the market prospect is very wide. Enterprise registration. Data show that the average consumption level of the provincial capital city of baby souvenirs reached 300 – 500 yuan, some families are far more than this standard. The current market popular souvenirs include: Baby lanugo pen, painting, hand foot show lanugo. Initial investment is not much, 50 thousand yuan can be opened. These stores generally choose in large hospitals (especially women and children’s Hospital). The use of quality, preferential service, in order to create the word of mouth effect.

16 new business students: seawater

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