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statistics, there are currently 80% per cent of the companies have their own corporate website, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have a good network marketing idea, but often do not receive the good effect, enterprise network marketing effect is the key to leadership for such a long time to contact the network marketing, many business owners, some later as my customer, and we pass. Back to about statistics, from which I found a universal law, that is, enterprise network marketing can achieve good results, of which a fatal point, with great awareness of the boss. As a business owner, what are some of the ideas that can impede the benefits of an enterprise network channel? In the past year, I have tried to sum up the following points:

one, enterprise executives do not believe network

is at present, some enterprises Mister always do not believe the network, with the idea of the boss is generally 60, 70, most corporate executives with network insulation, they are usually engaged in their own industry for many years, think deeply rooted, rely on the original customer relationship, fantasy is enough to digest. This kind of business owner is usually in the middle of the year, and he doesn’t have much ambition to figure out any more. He just wants to be steady with the status quo. In view of this kind of boss, I want to say that the network is not the enterprise represent the general trend, the net will be more difficult, because you cannot guarantee that your customers are not online, so your clients will continue to drain, and then a few years, you will be the basic mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, PASS off.

two, business executives always think they are right,

this kind of enterprise usually put forward many requirements to their networks, and according to their own means to be, not negotiable, if you think he does not meet the requirements of routine, customers will think you want to be lazy, you are wrong, and completely do not listen to your explanation. Some network marketing companies will be forced by the customer’s power to compromise, operate according to the customer’s wrong understanding, although on the surface of the customer for this tone, but this led directly to the network suffer a big marketing campaign. So the customer to network marketing in customer service, always adhere to their principles, in accordance with the established standards of their own, even customers misunderstood even offend customers, we have to think that the right approach to us, let customers maximize the effectiveness of marketing network, I believe the final customer will see light suddenly the.

three, business executives believe that big brands are good


this is not to say the brand is not good, don’t misunderstand me, like Baidu, Alibaba, China power company can do now, is that its existence has certain rationality. But I want to say is, these companies are not necessarily suitable for all enterprises, such as a search engine, in recent years the bidding advertising prices rose nearly ten times, but the benefit of the enterprise has got no corresponding growth, resulting in the return of investment of enterprises is more and more low, although the brand is the brand, the large number of users. But because the enterprise cannot blindly > this

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