Admin5 opened Links section, we find Links much more convenient, no longer need to use the site to search for the link, but after a period of observation, found that the exchange Links success rate is not high, we provide a method to find their own Links, we want to help

first, please remember, the premise of exchange Links is equal, with our ancestors to the same, only a little difference between the website can exchange links, if the two owners otherwise relationship, that’s another matter, when I watch a website, can from the following several aspects of

first check whether Baidu was included, it can be said that this is the decisive condition, otherwise it is equivalent to do one-way links to others,

second, check Baidu snapshot date, the better the time, but also have to look at their snapshot date, their own are four days ago, but ask someone else is two days, that is too that. (as shown in the following snapshot of Baidu: 2008-8-26)


third check the number of Baidu included, basically the more the better. Note: some owners cried every day, Baidu included four thousand, carefully, some are just the revision of the website, it is the QQ site, the film is included, and if you change his links, then Baidu spider will find thousands of invalid links, and find your web site, you must have when friends to do

fourth to see the PR value and world rankings, why take the two to a point, mainly because these two are not Baidu’s judgment, as long as the PR, world rankings and you almost will become

finally, a yabakui ranking is not good webmaster often eat, looking for some high weight site exchange links, many are asking you to give him home, he’ll put you in the page, it is best not to do it, now we look at the Admin5 page included time (Figure Wang don’t blame ah



today is August 27th, Links, website recommendation — stationmaster net last updated in July 29th, I believe that a lot of the site’s weight is not high Admin5, if he gives you on the inside pages, Baidu may climb to one or two months after you, so as not to chain pages, of course you rank 1000W it is not difficult to rank, 10W webmaster, please remember the first sentence: Mendanghudui, links can be a long time.

PS: my QQ station recruit links, almost the same,


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