;       in January 10th, Shanda literature’s "starting point" Chinese network announced in Beijing: to sign the contract works "star changes" game adaptation copyright.

‘s "star change", a popular online fantasy novel, has hit more than about 36000000 hits on its Chinese website, and has been ranked first in the search for 2007-2008 major search engines. In 2009, the reading heat has not, so far, it is still the most popular Internet novel, and the book version has been launched by BaiHuaZhou literature and Art Publishing house.

in the "star changes" before, the starting point of the network launched the "ghost blowing lamp" in the actual book publishing, game adaptation and film adaptation in the field of achievements, has attracted attention. In August 2007, the starting point of the "ghost chuideng" film rights transfer to the CPT film company, which will be invested into the first China thriller shot into a series of adventure blockbuster trilogy, Hongkong famous director Johnny To as director of the series, and directed one; in September 2008, by the Grand Development Group "" ghost chuideng OnLine also officially put into operation.

Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang said: "we want to prove that: Shanda literature has the ability to provide Chinese animation game with the value of the adaptation material."

network writers ten million annual salary?

in some popular literature site, a year can get millions of annual salary, is not a dream. Shanda literary president, Wu Wenhui, general manager of the original Chinese network, said in an interview, at the starting point to get "million annual salary" of the author, about four or five.

‘s first attempt at paid reading was not a starting point, but a group of fantasy literary websites. In 2002, the first attempt to start paying for reading was "literacy network" and "global Chinese language book network". Then, starting point Chinese network, huanjianshumeng, etc. fantasy novel literature websites have also launched their own pay reading mode.

, but the starting point is undoubtedly the most successful, at present, the site has more than 15 people stationed in the station, of which more than 4000 signed author. And every reader to read a thousand words only pay 2 cents or so, but because many people, still to the website and the author brings high income.

website through royalties, stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation for the creation of the network, and then brought together more excellent works. And more and more good works attract more readers and win more profits.

the best way to get good work is to sign a good writer. In October 22nd last year, starting point held a press conference at the Peking University, Hai Yan, announced the starting point Chinese network Duliang, Zhou Meisen, Lan Xiaolong, Guo Jingming, Ning Caishen, Rao Xueman, the World tyrants sing, Murong Xuecun, and Chen Tong, when the moon turns, Zhao Mei, Hong Ying, Yan Geling, Kaige Chen and other trees, spring.

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