‘s future products and operations boundaries will become increasingly blurred, product managers will also do a lot of operations, operations also understand the skills of many products.


1. Why do you need product thinking,


before I read an article, which probably means that the future products and operations will become increasingly blurred boundaries, the product manager may do a lot of running things, also want to know how many products operating skills.

I guess so. Now many operators say they don’t know whether they’re doing the product or the operation. They always feel like they’re doing everything. Especially in start-up companies, chatting to users every day, but after getting user feedback or APP upgrade revision, you have to draw a prototype to write the requirements document. So if you say you are doing 100% operations are not believed, if you say you are a product manager, you may have to do market research, business development, can now be easily defined 100% pure working less.

in this trend, we have to up the river, should not be "you and me" in the product and operation! But cross-border to learn more, before I wrote an article "T" method from the operation and operation director meow to learn! ", which referred to as a the operator, especially if you want to go to high order operation is rising, vertical to horizontal knowledge learn deep, you also have to expand capacity, which is the horizontal refers to operating outside the product you should learn, this ability is the product of the thinking ability of


two, what is product thinking ability


what is the product of thinking? A lot of products in the book is explained on the product thinking: from the psychological needs of users as a starting point, combined with their own ability and market oriented market multiple, develop commodity value products can be implemented "maximize" the essence of project planning thinking system.

if you think not to listen to understand the professional interpretation, I can use the vernacular translation: to transform itself into white users to use the product, and then form a set of products to maximize the value, taking into account the user value and social value of the executable program product. That is to say we do business, is to deal with the user, but we should put the user and company value of the link, but not for the operation of operation, this is not the ultimate goal to operate, operation or produce value, otherwise the operation is only by means of charity.

learning product thinking is a process, not a crash course. This is a learning curve. Finally, whether we can get the metaphysical product thinking of the product, we should look at ourselves. When product thinking comes to depth, he is economics. Products are not created to change the world, but ultimately because of the interests of the market driven. The so-called demand, not Maslow said 5 big demand, so there is demand. But in daily life >

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