the power of Internet integration

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studied biology in junior high school, he knew that biology had two directions. One is micro biology and ecology. One is the macro direction, the other is the microscopic direction. I use this to show that the Internet is not quite right now. But now the Internet is really in a phase of integration. I used to listen to Ma Yu said a word: in the family Alibaba, Alibaba is the eldest brother, did not read the book, is a nituizi, worked hard to earn money for the family, brothers and sisters are on him for school; Taobao is the younger sister, lively personality, can hold a big brother to buy a floral skirt, a red ribbon. Happy every day, has now graduated from junior high school, will be at the Fudan University, the third is Alipay, this year only primary school, but it is the most ambitious, in the future to carry the heavy burden of the family. Big brother decided to go to Harvard in America at all costs, because there was the most advanced idea. This is what Ma Yun said a few years ago in the wealth of life. I now understand this sentence is Ma in fact in the integration of their own resources, to form their own barriers to technology and resources on the internet. Wrapped up last year on line Ali mom, and just integrate YAHOO reputation network. Almost all of our online life. If we are an enterprise we need to do business to see the information that friends of Alibaba. If we shop naturally on Taobao, users of Taobao and Alibaba are naturally convenient to advertise for Ali’s mother. However, many webmaster will choose to use Yahoo flow statistics, people offline life also go to YAHOO word of mouth network. In the middle we have used Alipay’s payment system, and to communicate through Ali Wangwang. Perhaps Sheng industry portal subdivision are doing well, maybe HC international SEO how to work well, but in the dependence of electronic commerce is far less than the Ali system. They may lack integration of paid body size and e-commerce resources. No wonder Ma says he can’t find a competitor with a microscope. Maybe this is the power of integration.

heard a few days ago that giant networks wanted to invest 51. Shanda science and technology acquisition of 3 major literature portal. There are QQ Tencent’s consistent second practice, into the SNS dating community, ready to launch alumni network. We all see the consolidation of the fierce. After many years, we chat with QQ, shopping with QQ, using QQ search, watching TV with QQ, booking tickets with QQ, looking for classmates with QQ, watching news with QQ, and using QQ…… When you leave the QQ? QQ together is a part of your personal life, there are few days ago discussed after the dead QQ? Is that QQ has an irreplaceable role in the daily life of Internet users.

we are now focusing our attention on the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, industry websites need to be integrated. We look at this station: a drug>

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