today, a fellow wrote a website memoir, wrote 02 years since he left 04 years ago, and now back to the website, shocked by the fact that the site has finally grown. After reading is really feeling as if a generation had passed have mixed feelings. From a 02 year study, amateur website, until now, the industry well-known website is not easy, missed many opportunities. From the beginning to the 8u8 handwritten code for people everywhere to borrow to buy a space, they live frugally to servers, now has a stable income, rely on two words to.

, even if he insists on not giving up on searches such as Baidu’s Google, can at least gradually increase search rankings. And sometimes search rankings are everything. The station did not say, say recently to do a small game station suffering and stick to it, some time ago to do a small game site, in March began to prepare, spent more than a month to buy the program, modify the program to filter data, tired to touyunnaozhang. In SEO, some common sense is known, but some mistakes can be made. Of course, the biggest mistake for SEO is the high repeatability. This little game stand as a part of the title of the station (and online game is very similar to the Red Sea), then the station page optimization is not good, a lot of the same title page.

was firmly convinced that as long as the update will be included, about every day to update hundreds of small games, very tired. After the official release, let friends add a lot of one-way outside the chain, some of their own web site also add links, and then wrote a soft text. Used to do new sites, through a soft Wen included in general, and so did not take other measures. That has been a large number of updates, and many outside the chain, will soon be included but two weeks later, Baidu only included the home page, even if it is also very satisfied, that soon the station included, but nearly a month or not included. Fortunately, Google PR accidentally updated once, because the chain more, PR to 4, so that the face to exchange links, and I still have a few friends exchange, poor results, every day looking at only two hundred or three hundred IP, worried. So I wrote a follow-up soft Wen, I have been reluctant to write software, the level can not, but never included, and had to write an article, and then wait for more than a month, or not included.

do not know how many times to give up, but to give up once in front of more than two months of hard to pay completely in vain, also think that maybe tomorrow is included. In this way, every day, really feel the abyss of suffering. Fortunately, there are other sites for more income, so uncomfortable is uncomfortable, after all was not intended to make money to exchange links with others to look at Baidu not included is not reasonable, so his thinking is a member of the Baidu green certification alliance may consult why not included. But the big league said I wasn’t responsible for this, and wrote a letter to Baidu webmaster mail, and they didn’t reply to it. I remember sending letters back a few years ago.

in desperation to write soft text, the results did not >

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