e-commerce is the main direction of the future development of the Internet, and online shopping is now.2009 is more and more accepted China way of shopping online shopping transactions amounted to 56 billion 360 million yuan, the ring of relatively fast growth, more and more owners to do the mall. Owners use their strengths to create their own mall, for us the webmaster can only slowly practice, today I write me out of doing high imitation mobile phone mall www.0755gf.com years of experience.

focus on

victory belongs to the most persevering people. The word "concentration" is easy to say. It’s difficult for many webmaster to do music, a movie or a software download. Few of them are more focused, and people who do one thing seriously are sure to have a higher rate of success than a few things, except for the masters.

word of mouth

, for example, a mobile phone seller, you know the phone is faulty, but the buyer seems to need the product. And you earn a little money for a short while, and sell a broken machine to someone else. This will ruin reputation, good reputation, even if you do not flow, he will introduce to his friends to buy. My return here is 25%, because my side will guarantee the machine quality is good, including accessories. I don’t have such high imitation parts, I directly used real smuggled goods accessories, which can reduce the failure rate, lay his reputation.

trading mode

transaction mode, it is not realistic to direct money, it is best to take delivery, and now cash on delivery, a lot of express can do. I am using SF express and China Post, and it may be difficult for China Post to apply for a point. But as long as you apply for it, you can handle it, and the transaction will also affect the conversion rate.

product development,

webmaster are generally more powerful, IP must be very high. Since you have a good flow, you need a better product. Product development is very important for the mall, you can pay attention to the next big companies have basically a position is to develop new products, that is, to expand new products, looking for new sources.

web interface

according to the unknown organization survey results show that 35% of shoppers he will look at the website interface, and decide whether to buy goods in the station, beautiful interface in improving the conversion rate in this difficult problem accounted for a large proportion of.

conversion rate increased by


conversion rate also depends on some site types may sell because the industry is not the same thing the conversion rate is not the same, such as keyword search over from doing so should feel of development of some commonly used search keywords to buyers from the buyer’s perspective. Perhaps we do not quite understand, to do keywords is just a way to improve the conversion rate is not the most important, such as a customer search "high imitation mobile phone", another customer direct search "high imitation E7>"

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