how to promote and improve your website. Let your website flow more. For example, our website: Global second-hand mechanical and electrical

in general, selling your website is nothing more than traditional methods:

1. keyword

, but the question is, how can keywords be good and useful for your website?.

2. posting at major forums

this is beneficial to search engines to search their own articles, but really can play a very good effect? I admit that this search engine can search a lot of articles, but the flow does not necessarily increase a lot ah, increase will certainly, but to many webmaster said, in a few days traffic flow over thousand, I do not believe very much.

3. release good soft text

I am not very good at writing articles, so I haven’t done this basically. Here, I just want you to recommend some good methods to me.

4. update information every day

I admit, I do every day, but the copy is another online information collection, Baidu, but Google has no movement, increase the amount of collection, I have seen great changes in our web site traffic, this is what I do every day, I think this should be the role not great.

5. mutual friendship connection

have to say, many of my interactions, and strive to make their own to find those good quality interaction, but I found and those interaction also basically from there without introducing any traffic, whether this is also a problem, but the interaction is one of the most fancy my connection.


6. site has hierarchical navigation and classification,

, my website is very clear, but at present, this has not found any impact on traffic.

7. site quality

site quality is not what I said, I really think in terms of quality, there should be no words to say, but whether it can introduce a lot of traffic, I do not know.

integrated above is all I do station experience, but give me the deepest, can be a good introduction of traffic, should be keywords, rich collection of information and good friendship connection.


do all of the above, but the rise is not a lot of traffic, so I hope everyone’s help, thank you very much for this, if you have what good method, hope you come with me and share.

finally, I first write so much, but want to get help, if you want to reprint, please note: from global second-hand electrical. Thank you >

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