20 years ago, in the people on the screen have a good appearance can be easily captured people’s favorite, the good man played a positive role, crooked melon split date people playing the villain, watching TV is never good, bad guys succeed eventually frustrated the final victory suffered a crushing defeat on the screen is single, this. The first simple way.

20 years later, the good appearance of actor because there is no good acting only to attract a group of poor appearance of the idiotic anthomaniac powder, also can attract the users all over the world pursued with acting…… A more value oriented era!


used to like to look at "packaging", now depends on "content", but also to see the true temperament, but also to see…… The more diversified now, the more able to rely on more personality, more prominent features to win the user’s favorite. The popularity of reality show, allowing users to more clearly known as "distant" stars ", but will also be portrayed" stars to a more realistic situation, with the real side to win more "heart" fans.

why talk about the short video business, you want to talk about it a bunch of nonsense, just to elicit a point of view: the real, the image of the material, it is the existence of fresh competition in the modern. As for the short video venture this big field, entrepreneurs who want to work, to succeed, nothing more than this road.

goddess alliance at the end of the micro-blog know a short video team


team is famous creation, singles in the street threw a goddess, the slogan is breaking up couples live male characters, the goddess iPhone to seduce the couples live crowd reaction…… All kinds of, pregnant with sorrow, then there is the goddess of the streets Drunk Test passers reaction shots, cause to spread the social networking platform is obviously: This is the most revealing of human nature, a very short time, a crowd of curious, entertainment, occasionally think in one way, in the eyes, has been very is a short video in one of the successful examples of entrepreneurship.

goddess alliance agency similar to people asking questions, some people are more concerned about the problem of interest, then cut into a short video of the entrepreneurial team, now there are a lot of success.

Chen Xiang half past six

active in a number of short video platform comedy mini series

this is a short video for having heard it many times entrepreneurial success stories, often appear in the short video platform, but in QQ space, the comedy mini series, a new story often with scripts, familiar with the development of unexpected, relaxed, humorous, interesting, and most important, in line with the current at the network of young people mentality, cock shaped, filamentous, self deprecating occasionally to warm the world is full of love……

WeChat public number

were removed in the short video team WeChat public number, there are many successful entrepreneurs, a, papi…… Some dedicated to the short video as the entrepreneurial model >

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