IP do not put too much advertising, I believe we still to make movies registered advertising money, in my experience, the station put 1 Flow Union preferably in the lower right corner on the next move, there are a lot of people, can not say who is the best other pages including antithetical couplet, and on the whole movie advertising registration, including the classification of rotten classification put a free movie, so the whole movie registered. You can add 1 clicks to the union ad appropriately. Advertising is not demanding, we must register in the film. This movie registration and click effect is very good.

in today’s increasingly fierce competition in the market, in a hope to get good performance of the institutions, have a motivation in the workplace is very important. Therefore, learning how to motivate employees has become an unshirkable task for managers. "Motivating people" teaches you how to put your theories into practice, and how to build and maintain a positive environment in your workplace. This book provides many useful suggestions, including 101 secrets; a more detailed explanation of all important motivational skills: analysis from the employees of different needs, by engine, using a variety of skills and training to increase job satisfaction. Finally, there is a self-assessment project to look at your motivational skills to help you improve your performance and inspire your potential and your subordinates.

to motivate employees — whether for individuals or for the best team, the first must be in-depth analysis of their personal motivation.

1., if you don’t know how to encourage someone, you’d better ask first.

2. assess your own and your employees’ level of initiative.

3. uses persuasion and influence to stimulate subordinates’ self motivation.

4. identifies what employees need and gives them assistance when meeting them.

5. remember, to make work easier is not to make it easy.

6. tries to motivate employees with spontaneous social and physical activities.

7. uses team competition to boost morale.

8. reduces the number of managers to a minimum.

9. remember that different people need different incentives.

10. is aware of the negative system that may make employees.

11. must seek a positive response to any criticism it is a positive expression of the employee’s motivation.

12. must keep eye contact while talking to employees.

13. asks your employees if every change in the job helps motivate them.

14. learns to tell the difference between business and personal affairs.

15. to work as much as possible diversity, can produce prevention situation of laziness.

16. will leave and absence as inactive warning signal.

F creates incentivesBefore

17. is sure employees understand their roles and their importance.

18., take every opportunity to demonstrate your ability.

19. improves the command and control style through collaborative management.


movie station and picture station probably belong to the garbage station, but there are also garbage station garbage IP quality problems, if you sh419 flow is high quality IP, if less, is low quality IP.

well, I wrote this, I myself is a rookie, I do not have too many stations, I know that, please don’t add me, I’m too busy. Today, the site let me do more than 3 hours can not access, or looking for someone to solve that. Knowledge has no limit. ah. My little station, www.tudou78

High quality

do a picture of a time station movie station, please note that I did not earn much money, his stand is relatively bad, but summed up the practical experience to make more money with the least IP, willing to share.

first talk about high quality IP’s pre earning approach,

in short, an idea, no more advertising, N, not fine, do not do more and less, chicken ribs, earn little money.

high quality IP can do the same, but the movie registration will be greatly reduced. It’s a shame to have such a high quality IP.

how to make money? The method is very simple, is to put in place as far as possible, are put on the advertising, what movie register click on the pull, inconspicuous place can be, should be even more not too many registered free registration, as long as you can put Fang Quanfang on. Floating must be put. A general is a poetic couplet, floating, on N, and other place, together to achieve the purpose is to let visitors see where where advertising content, advertising and general content page on the 1 screen flow alliance. You know, you don’t need regular clients for this kind of garbage flow. As soon as he comes to order an ad, you complete the task.

again, low quality IP


low quality IP best put 3 traffic alliance, including the right lower foot, 1 up and down the flow of the league, including up and down, and then put 2 traffic to the league, so that flow Union and traffic alliance can click each other to get IP.

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