"the Internet traffic is too focused on several major sites, and the cost of buying traffic is too high, so the net doesn’t meet the explosive growth expectations we originally envisioned."." Chen Hua said, most of the Amoy net in September 2011 on line, but only two months later, "we were thrown away."".

, a team that has neither done music nor sang well, suggested singing sharing, which was not approved at first.

entrepreneurial team, no one can sing

apparently, the root cause of online advertising click fraud still lies in search engine companies and online advertising agents, and online advertising click fraud also hurts advertisers. In order to ensure their own interests, advertisers can only choose to click low fraud search engine company, as high as 34% click fraud rate sh419 natural >

in addition, another reason for the prevalence of click fraud on Internet advertising is that Internet advertising revenue is the backbone of Internet companies. sh419 public data show that sh419’s revenue in 2006, the competitive ranking accounted for 80% of the share. According to the annual report on the Nasdaq stock market by several major search engines, some companies have received more than 2007 of their revenues in the fiscal year 90% from competitive ranking. It is precisely because of the Internet advertising for search engine companies bring huge profits return, online advertising click fraud will be how rampant. Undeniably, search engine companies can technically curb advertising, click fraud, but in the face of huge profits, many search engine companies are turning a blind eye. sh419 Inc up to 34% click fraud rate, it is interesting.

More than a year after the


in the country, the malicious click of online advertising has been an open secret of the industry. In this regard, Wang Jianjun, vice president of Sohu’s search business, said: "malicious clicks in China are showing a flood of uncontrollable situation."." Abroad, shlf1314 also sued for advertising fraud, and eventually settled for $90 million. According to a survey conducted in March 2007, sh419’s average click fraud rate was 34%, compared with 24.1% for shlf1314. Such a high rate of fraud, will undoubtedly become the Internet advertising industry’s demise of chronic poison. In the end what makes online advertising click fraud how to prevail, all from the online advertising profit model speaking.

‘s team, in the first half of 2012, "thought out" mobile apps, "sing it."". Apple App Store launched only 5 days, can let the user at the mobile phone "to sing", "sing", which soared to the overall standings "champion".

"sing," founder Chen Hua demonstrated his singing in the office in iPhone".

entrepreneurial team has been put forward at the beginning of last line 5 days; App list China become the first district

"if this direction do not succeed, we will disband." At an encounter at the Spring Festival in 2012, an engineer suddenly spoke to Chen Hua and other members of the team.

, Chen Hua said, as of now, "sing" in the past 5 months that attracted nearly one million users. At the same time, there are venture capitalists willing to "this has not yet found the right channel of profit, and not intend to profit in the near future" software out of nearly tens of millions of dollars.

, "a team that has failed to make a breakthrough has been on the verge of collapse."". In February 2011, Chen Hua from Alibaba search business leave two degrees after entrepreneurship, has established the location of the electricity supplier shopping guide, promotion website of the most scouring net.

keyword advertising is an advertising service search engine, with its advantages of the platform and launched, the key lies in the choice of the same keywords advertisers are ranked according to the level of bidding, bid higher advertising more forward. Both sh419, shlf1314, or YAHOO are now using CPC pay per click pricing models. That means advertisers, regardless of who clicks on ads, will have to pay for them, and search engines and online advertising agents will make a profit. Because of this, online advertising click fraud will be so popular, and quickly become a black industry chain.

then Chen Hua took from the cruel dispatch, Alibaba, happy net entrepreneurial team began looking for a "reliable" product direction. In the beginning, Chen Hua will focus on mobile Internet research and development, "we can not grab business with the Internet giant, while the mobile Internet with smart phones >

"sing" was a hit. Many young people not only to attract fans cheering have been cited as the song Qiao, such as Han Hong, Song Dandan and other artists are also often went to sing on the show "".

into a crazy and agitated, 34 year old Chen Hua two business trip "dense willow trees and bright flowers".

if you ask the Internet business model of profit, as long as a little understanding of the Internet can give an answer, that is – online advertising. However, for their own interests, online advertising click fraud, like a black hand spread to every corner of the internet. Reports from the media is more worrying, online advertising click fraud has become a black industry chain, advertisers questioned voices: "online advertising click fraud when Hugh?"

at the time, the "no music, no singing good" team, it was proposed to do an ordinary user can sing and share software on the phone". But the proposal came out, immediately got up a piece, "why the user to listen to a stranger, he is not a star to sing?."


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