recently A5 is awesome, and also talk about some experience for overtime choice of advertising alliance for full-time webmaster friends, the site must be for the purpose of profit, and most of the sites are advertising to profit to realize the value, but we do not find the sky advertising partners, and we do not have this energy. It appeared this advertising industry, advertising can bring more benefits to the webmaster friends here from my choice for advertising alliance talk about some experience, I hope to give a part of the webmaster friends to provide some reference to

is the webmaster choose advertising is indeed more, domestic large and small advertising makes too many webmaster feel headache in the choice, the more mainstream is shlf1314Adsense, sh419 Union, Ali mother, and in the A5 page can also see some of the invited guests such as alliance, AP advertising alliance, which is undoubtedly shlf1314 alliance the most mature advertising alliance. The advertisement matching is very good, usually, when you put in place Adesense, association of advertising and content display, and Adsense advertising price relatively high, generally from 0.01 dollars to 0.5 dollars, of course mainly depends on keywords and advertising. I think most of the Webmaster Station early may choose to use shlf1314 Adsense, the first is relatively low threshold, as long as the regular site can apply, then the price is relatively ideal, pay per click billing can be accumulated, and many websites are using the same account, click on the advertising costs will be credited to the the following account, one day to mention the target. Of course, shlf1314 Adsense also has its drawbacks, at present, their size and display advertising pictures are single, now can not meet the personalized demand, some websites advertising can’t hang on shlf1314 Adsense. I hope shlf1314 Adsense can improve in this respect.

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if you want short bursts, with short-term measures,
if you want the user’s long-term nature. You’re the user.
another method to flow rapidly, is the cooperation with friends, you jump, jump out of his ass page, he jumped out of your ass page. Graph king 470666
there is added to the list. This effect is good, especially for the entertainment television pictures website,
> in the most simple

webmaster exchange group lectures group 17770150  every evening 8:30 invite grassroots elite speech website operation promotion profit experience

sh419 as the search engine of the big brother, their union certainly inferior, in fact they told shlf1314 Adsense is quite similar, but the audit difficulty not small, adding the threshold is relatively high, as the beginning is not a certain scale of the webmaster friends is not the first choice. sh419 alliance relative to shlf1314 alliance, in advertising personalized choice to add a lot of competitiveness, the relative price is also good, generally between 0.1-0.2 yuan. But the sh419 alliance the bad thing is that they pay more attention to some large sites, small stations may not very seriously, I often see some small owners in the forum by sh419 letter account, relatively speaking, sh419 alliance is still good, at least not run away the situation, so as long as the site not cheating sh419 alliance this large public >

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