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do you think a good product will attract users? Whether the media reports also believe that the most able to attract users? Geer first question these two points, he mentioned that a good product can keep retain users, rather than attract users attract. That is to say, it is a good product, do not have the opportunity to let people know, how to attract? Furthermore, public relations and media reports, can attract the audience audience, instead of the user users, but this is not the real purpose of the product. Finding the right target user, and then standing on top of the information stream, is a feasible way to launch viral promotion.

3, accept all early user recommendations: user feedback and advice is certainly important, but Tastes differ all tastes. each of the products and services, has its own reward and belittle. But entrepreneurs need to maintain their strategy and direction.

, it’s not difficult to see that the above method has not been found

was originally convinced that there was no real benefit:

so how do you get 1000000th users? Michael Geer, a serial entrepreneur, shared his experience.

  lazyboots home since the new revision of the line, in addition to Tian Xiao rain to spend a lot of time to design the interface, some web page effects code followed by online collection. The code is available online, and we’re just collecting it to make it easier for programmers and designers to use it, but sh419 has a very low interest in them. Everyone is doing it. How can I stand out from here?

Geer has worked in dozens of start-up companies as a consultant or co-founder, he is also in an industry knowledge sharing company as a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship, he was willing to share their experience in the business enterprise.

1, the purchase of user data: he had to spend money to buy a bunch of user information, email address, usually these users to buy quality are very low, and it is not your target users, you cannot expect them to receive your mail will click register.

        I was confused at the beginning. It opens some websites usually love, such as "home owners" tiger sniffing network "A5" web site, waiting at the site, refresh every five minutes to see if there are new articles, once found, immediately copied to your website. At that time, I just wanted to fill my website with some information, and at least make it more substantial, and then think about the promotion. Although this has also achieved some results, especially from tiger sniffing online copy of the information, basically all original, so sh419 is interested, as long as the release of information, within ten minutes sh419 can be included.

reached the first million users, social networking platform Twitter for 24 months, the visual picture sharing site Pinterest for 20 months, geographical sign in application of Foursquare for 13 months, the social media Facebook for 10 months, the network file sharing tool Dropbox for 7 months, the mobile photo sharing application Instagram for 2 and a half months, while the Path 2 only 2 weeks to reach 1 million downloads.


4, the coolest website, the coolest video: Yes, this is a very important part of the corporate image, and sometimes it may not be able to bring the best results, this is not a The Voice of China jiaduobao advertising support can increase sales, sometimes your video is reproduced in hundreds of thousands of times, and can’t change how many real users.


2 leaves a message for startups on blogs, forums, and social networking boards: unless you have free interns, it’s a waste of time.

        2; content is relatively new. Because of the important information posted by the famous website, I copied it in a few minutes. Maybe the search engine would think we were almost the same as


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