look at the amount is a fat difference, but in fact, do not have a few people successfully. Many webmasters are very distressed, why I PV high, do GG Adsense, dozens of knives a day, can hang ya, and even ten knives less than.

on the increase keyword density to improve the targeted advertising content of the practice has been a hot discussion among the owners, the problem is the focus, if you want to increase the financial stock type shlf1314 advertising display frequency, increase in the content on the page will not be shlf1314 keyword such punishment. Many webmasters worry too much about this problem. In fact, the appropriate increase in key words does not violate the shlf1314 rules, nor will it be K, of course, here is the appropriate optimization. You can put ads displayed is your ability, users see these ads, if interested, will click, if not interested, then display a multi page useless, which is consistent with the laws of the market, shlf1314’s opposition is deliberately forced draught >

This is actually

on the improvement measures, the author mainly from the following aspects of efforts:

1. break convention

as far as possible to meet your site’s theme, such as entertainment, can write: " shocking! XXX celebrity in the sub network of ". Then followed; sub AC link.


a lot of low income owners, because it is too rigid to sub block code cross collar directly to the web site. The registration is based on sub links, no fixed code, which means that we can diy. also means that we have the possibility of cheating, this will be referred to below.

details can be seen here: http://s.top.admin5/u

4. cheating

is not recommended

3. makes sub advertising

to the author of the small station, for example, from Figure 1 and figure two income screenshot can be seen, shlf1314 use Adsense new advertising, advertising hits and click unit price dropped, especially the unit price dropped significantly. The reason there are two main points: on the one hand, as shown in Figure three of this price increase in the overall price decline in advertising and occasionally as figure five ads, but less, such as advertising to lose weight breast like, many owners will understand the error for this type of advertising price is high, in fact, just the opposite. This type of advertising business cost is really expensive. This phenomenon can be understood as a shlf1314 profit strategy, in fact, sh419 advertising also has this phenomenon. Compared with the old advertising, as shown in Figure four, the stock type of advertising, but according to my observation, before August most display ads for this type of advertising; on the other hand, the new advertising form seems very compact, actually click rate is not high, perhaps users have been accustomed to the content of the whole display the whole show, looks more attractive than single line display.

of your website

Asia Asia friendship alliance, the promotion fee is a male member 0.1 US dollars, female member 0.2 US dollars.

and customer conversion rate are closely related. For example, a steel sales commercial station, hung sub pay, you will go to the point? Even click are not registered and not to mention money. So, how to improve the conversion rate of

2, improvement countermeasures

1 and effect analysis

for cheating, I want to say two things. One, more thinking, no system is perfect, sub pay is cheating, and very simple. I will not say, but closed up faster, so suggest the webmaster or honestly do stand, honest money.

2. arranges a good location for the subunits, ideally, the first screen the first page range seen by the viewer is left. The upper right belongs to a region with low attention, and.

1 increased the keyword density

since shlf1314 announced its withdrawal from the Chinese mainland market, the enthusiasm for shlf1314 seems to have come down. Webmasters generally believe that Adsense income is bound to decrease substantially. So, what is the actual situation? The author thinks that, if only the GG webmaster to get a lot of money income, in the site before it is necessary to consider the relationship between localization and display clear, shlf1314 advertising theme of your site, that is what kind of advertising will show more. First, the first principle is, what kind of advertisement market, businesses must be in this type of advertising is more, only this kind of advertisement or advertisers more, the website showed that the ad matching will be high, a member of the click rate will be high, will be able to make money. In addition, as a smart webmaster, we should also consider shlf1314 advertising optimization, what details can increase revenue?. The following author combines shlf1314’s latest Adsense new advertising, an example of shlf1314 Adsense new advertising effectiveness and webmaster countermeasures.

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