in fact, there is always no lack of new projects or new ideas on the internet. Perhaps, only loneliness, rejection of the new project, will get a long lost success. When you meet the temptation of a new project, or when you are in trouble, you say to yourself, "I met a challenge."". This psychological suggestion is not necessarily for everyone, but I have always been overcome by a "challenge" to advance, because I do not want to encounter "challenges" immediately surrender.

a lot of people are familiar with the original success story of Pepsi Cola, especially its competition with the old rival Coca-Cola for a century of competition story is more talked about. As everyone knows, Pepsi Cola was born later than Coca-Cola for 12 years, and in the first thirty years of the competition, Pepsi Coca-Cola has been firmly pressing, Pepsi founder once hoped to sell to the Coca Cola Co has been declined to $50 thousand. However, in the ensuing decades, Pepsi has differentiated by " choice of a new generation of " ", " the music home; brand strategy as well as the launch of super bottled product strategy successful counter attack, by 2005, Pepsi brand value is beyond Coca-Cola.

network involves too much knowledge. No one can learn all the techniques. We just need to be a master in a very small area of our interest. When we have heard the small bear breaking corn story ", the story of the truth we know everything, but in the US, this story has been continued.

some friends in the learning process, will encounter some new knowledge, for example, image processing is to learn Photoshop, but he is in the process of learning to find a can make dynamic pictures of GIF software is very interesting, you can make the picture move, then to find the GIF images on the tutorial to learn. For a period of time after school, he found the original animation FLASH software is the most cattle B, so he began to collect information on the FLASH. In this way, time is lost in the constant transformation. In the end, what I have learned is far from what I set out to do.

said do Wangzhuan should learn what knowledge, I think everyone’s answer is different, because everyone has their own a Wangzhuan experience, so everyone answers will get into some of their private feelings.

many friends do Wangzhuan also exist such problems, doing the project do a period of time will feel boring, or some problems are difficult to solve, then find a new project is very good, so he went and began to work on the new project. The new project ran into trouble for a while and then went on to discover the updated project. • • • •

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in fact, looking at Pepsi Cola’s brand changes in recent years is a good way to get a glimpse of some of the secrets of Pepsi’s success. Before so, its brand positioning is " the new generation of choice " so its brand spokesmen have chosen some young popular star. In recent years, with the launch of Coca-Cola in " " to move its nickname bottle; the youth market, Pepsi suddenly began to move to the " family; " market;, played the family card, will own brand positioning for " the music home, " try to choose a different brand spokesperson, such as during the Spring Festival in 2016, a lot of people touched by the dynamic advertising circle of friends is a monkey king Liuxiaolingtong starred in the Pepsi, then triggering hot, and in the " Liuxiaolingtong " micro-blog has also been watching, people also have the sun out of " le ", successful Monkey King commemorative cans; the interpretation of the music home " " brand new theme. It’s easy to see that Pepsi’s success is often new

case 1: Pepsi Cola’s " differentiated " brand strategy

set your goals and learn according to this goal, which will allow you to take fewer detours.

for their own future set a goal, this goal is that you want to make money through what way to do the procedure, making art, website, software, hackers, flow, marketing, planning, training, auction – – – – to the target list and to master the knowledge and if you don’t need to know what knowledge can help to people with experience.


men feel that learning Wangzhuan can do the best learning, learning for practice.


recently read is known as " the first CEO" in the world; the former Ge Corp CEO Jack · Welch; a "commercial essence", which reveals the secret of success in business, many companies such as ", " do marketing; " & quot; growth is king; etc.. However, in my opinion, many enterprises at home and abroad have achieved great success in business, but there is another secret. Especially those industries as " later " eventually successful counter attack of the enterprise, their successful experience seems to tell us that the secret of success is one that is creating the difference, adhere to the " I’m first ". The East may wish to share a few cases:

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