the afternoon of June 17th, sunchem entrepreneurial community invited Peking University and University of Texas Austen, master of law, both Jane help founder Mr. Zhang Chao, in Chaoyang District East sanhuan sunchem entrepreneurial community (Changhong bridge) roadshow hall for entrepreneurs to bring a burning brain and practical business ownership structure, financing course.



course lecture before Mr. Zhang Chao for the second time to visit sunchem share of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial community by community guests, vice president Jin Zhiyu issued its excellent business mentor medal, to thank him has been supporting the community and the attention of entrepreneurs.


share class, a lawyer from the partner equity dispute, equity structure, financing of the three chapter, explain the above related professional enterprises, as a growing startup weapon.


business mentor award

partner in equity dispute, Mr Zhang Chao by listing a large number of well-known real cases, exclusive share of interesting equity practice for some companies. Call on domestic entrepreneurs at the beginning of the enterprise should attach importance to the issue of the company’s equity allocation, to avoid the dispute of equity, affecting the interests and development of enterprises.

how to allocate equity, is a big problem of these entrepreneurs. In the equity structure of the articles, Mr. Zhang Chao suggested that the audience can be reserved by the founder: equity, the equity type distribution principle of incentives, can effectively avoid the equity dispute, and promote the development of enterprises.

venture financing, grassroots entrepreneurs inevitable journey. Mr. Zhang Chao suggested founder don’t be fooled, investors in practice many equity financing problems are discussed, the room for negotiation. At the same time, said whether the entrepreneurial partner unity, whether the project is the core competitiveness of financing factors can be achieved.


activity exchange

whole entrepreneurial sharing class lasted 2.5 hours, Mr. Zhang Chao and entrepreneurs wonderful interaction. After the end of the course, Mr. Zhang Chao is also cordial with the various entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial history, eager to answer the difficult questions for them.

is a business community outstanding lecturer open class has become an important content of social entrepreneurship, the community by regularly holding different types of entrepreneurial activities, help entrepreneurs to build a variety of free resources, cleaning business blind spots, help to achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

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