1, using the framework:

within the framework of the content is usually not within the scope of the search engine grab.

2, picture text too much, too little

4, submitted too frequently

5, the website keyword density is too high

6, the color of the text with the background color.

7, dynamic web pageContent management system

8, web server transfer

9, "no independent IP address

some hosting providers in order to save money, will be assigned to the same IP users, as long as the search engine to block one of the sites, all sites under IP have been implicated in the

10, free web space

some search engine index from free space site to complain about a lot of garbage, poor quality.

11, search engines crawl the site is not online

if the host is not stable, it may happen. To make matters worse, even if the site has been collected, re found, not online, will also delete the entire site.

12, wrongly blocked robots index.

13, the use of a large number of Flash, DHTML, cookies, JavaScript, Java or password to enter "

14, the search engine can not parse your DNS

new domain name registration after 2-4 days to take effect, so do not immediately registered the domain name website submission

15, links too low popularity

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

was a toddler at the end of the last century in the 90s, but Seth Godin had already gained wealth by training people to use email directly to build marketing relationships with potential customers. His icebreaker Permission Marketing details his marketing theory and makes him a mentor to the pioneers of the internet.

"the cost of failure today is much lower than it was 50 years ago,"

but when the new book "The Icarus Deception:How High You Fly Will" was published, Godin changed his consistent style. The book is written by Penguin Group of Portfolio>

Seth Godin has the most popular marketing blog on the web. Those who believe in his idea of entrepreneurship summed up his thoughts into the following statement: "let change happen.".



Godin isn’t as majestic as it looks in the photos. He is very strong and seems to keep alert at all times, but he also has a cordial and relaxed aura. He had the habit of preparing lunch for his guests and prepared rice, vegetables and fried eggs for us, which changed the official interview into a family style party.

for the past 3 years, Godin has insisted on updating his blog every day and giving speeches around the world. He does not employ full-time staff, and when he needs assistance, he receives help from several long-term partners. He doesn’t often use Facebook and Twitter, and doesn’t even have his own advertising and public relations staff. His publishing company, The Domino Project, was co founded with Amazon, a publishing company that rarely hyped Godin books and did not put his books on the shelves in all bookstores. On the contrary, the reader’s word of mouth let Godin works spread like a virus.


in the next 20 years, Godin wrote a dozen business bestsellers look far ahead from a high plane, and opened a column in the popular "Fast Company" magazine; every day he published an article in SethGodin, the blog has been selected in the AdAge Power150 the most popular commercial blog ranking among the top ten this blog, most of the time in the first row and second position. In 2005, he created Squidoo, a website that helped people commercialize their hobbies, which now attracts more than 53 million visitors a month.


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