operation: * * financial accounting knowledge;

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domestic CPS alliance loopholes in the mechanism, this vulnerability led directly to the amount of deduction generated. The existing major advertising unions are basically committed on the CPS, CPS does not exist, the amount of deduction may only exist. To tell you the truth, it’s an irresponsible promise, let’s take a closer look at the actual process of the CPS alliance now,

now has a rapid increase in car family, but many are not familiar with car maintenance, cleaning, coupled with everyone’s busy work at ordinary times, all door-to-door car wash money vast. In Guangzhou, for example, the car wash 30 yuan / Taiwan; home car wash can be >

three, student counseling center:

in order to safeguard the interests of the majority of webmaster friends, we should step forward and dare to expose these immoral enterprises. I now encounter similar problems, is in a positive way and the alliance and advertisers communicate, I believe that many webmasters encountered this situation have chosen to give up. In dealing with the serious behavior deduction amount, thank linktech customer service, always with a positive.

: the profit index assumes

: the profit index assumes

one, tax agency:

Adsense through alliance advertising successfully get orders – Alliance tracking results – advertisers confirm results – return commission to advertising union / Commission allocation webmaster

: about 10 thousand yuan. The investment difficulty can be started, mainly for rent utilities;


four, home car maintenance:

e-commerce Dongfeng, advertising alliance CPS heady, the majority of owners are in effect in marketing. Paying for results is theoretically a winning situation for three parties, but cute webmaster, have your interests been maintained?

competition index: * * is less


can be seen by the majority of owners income based entirely on the integrity of the advertisers, advertisers can not the integrity of the buckle quantity, painful is: many webmaster is in money for advertisers to promote their products. In exchange for such a result, we have to say that our environment is too immature. Chilling,


can not let the children lose at the starting line, the parents of this era is consensus, is also the most tangled thing, and many parents work time conflict, and the student counseling center has great potential in the market; the main can be divided into classes and talent counseling; the average student fees 600~1000 yuan / month; a tutoring center in general at noon at night every day to accommodate 30 students estimate;

with the improvement of people’s living standards and consumer awareness, in recent years, more and more people are interested in tourism; but many visitors to the consumer places very strange, such as where products will not be authentic slaughter? What is the most distinctive snacks? Where is the clean good and not expensive accommodation? If there is a local non travel agency the tourist reception station, certainly welcome

: * * * operation difficulty to ripe recruit teachers;

talk nonsense, start with a brick, expect everyone to discuss, say your opinion,

The difficulty of the

operation: * * need to be familiar with the network publicity, including WeChat public account operation;

two, offsite travel reception:

done before the foreign CJ, CB, never thought CPS would also have a buckle quantity, this is a win-win marketing plan, believe that no one will deduct the amount of reason, advertisers pay according to the results, the alliance to receive a commission, the Commission owners get through successful orders. I am very optimistic about this marketing model. Used to CJ, CB sales, time to think in the heady domestic electronic commerce, a domestic league CPS, the chilling effect! Not unhappy, it is not a good marketing products, the key question will actually appear in the enterprise good faith.

: about 10 thousand yuan. The investment difficulty can be started, mainly for rent utilities;

: * * * competition index to choose in the vicinity of the school or district

I want to tell the alliance is: the vast number of webmaster is your resources, do not safeguard the interests of the webmaster, advertising alliance can not have great development. There is no large group of webmaster, advertisers will not choose you, the amount of detailed evidence on the amount of deduction, to be completed after this incident, to give you an account. Also for everyone!

the key part of this: the advertiser confirms the results. This link directly affects the proceeds of the webmaster, but it is precisely the key link can not be guaranteed. Entirely based on the integrity of the enterprise, the advertising alliance can only track the order generation. Payment, sign and so forth belong to the advertiser’s business data, not to the advertising alliance. This directly leads to a consequence. The advertiser has no way to obtain the certificate, which proves that the order has been completed. The Advertising Federation has no response to the scheme.


competition index: assumes

in 2014 the country has introduced a number of preferential policies to encourage people to entrepreneurship, to need to register the company’s business and the rapid surge, registered companies, industrial and commercial tax complicated, non ordinary novice can cope; the investigation shows that the Guangzhou business registration agency costs an average of 1500 each, the tax agency small company 500 yuan per month, the general taxpayer 800 yuan per month; the company refused to raise a lot of new accounting registration, so tax agency business is money king! Find a few friends understand accounting, engaged in tax agency business is not difficult.


: the profit index assumes

investment difficulty: * * about 20 thousand yuan can be started, mainly for rent utilities;

The difficulty of the

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