and IT many heavyweights like Zhuang Chenchao, also grew up in contact with the computer, people love you. I’ve said many times before in my article, "the Internet is interesting. The rules behind the Internet are boring. But once we master the rules behind the Internet, we can predict a lot of things ahead of time.". You can find the Internet behind the struggle and unraveling the truth in the smoke diffuse cloth in the link, I believe everyone can grasp the rules, everyone can be analyzed > Top

Tencent copied 360 security guards and bundled computer housekeeper, lit the 3Q war. In the afternoon of November 3, 2010, Tencent made a "tough decision", forcing all users to delete 360 software on the computer, which is the famous "two choice one" event. Subsequently, the Tencent will be "two choose one" behavior blamed on the 360 button bodyguards. In fact, the 360 button Bouncer is a tool that helps users better manage . However, the Tencent’s Ministry of industry, the Ministry of mediation results in disregard of the 360 launched a high price of up to 120 million yuan litigation. More than three years have passed, and the lawsuit triggered by the popular software tools is finally settled. In February 24th, the Supreme People’s court made a final judgment on the case, which made us regret that 360 of the bodyguards were found to have been infringing.

as an enterprise citizen, we respect the Supreme Court’s ruling. But today, for the continued innovation of the Internet industry, we have a few words to say: "

below is "360 to all Chinese Internet users open letter" full text:


first, the start-up company has a huge fear of Tencent, the industry’s "Shanzhai king", because Tencent is not only copying other people, but also bundling software on a large scale.

This 360

, the Supreme Court found that the Tencent free + advertising model is not illegal, 360 interfere with the normal operation of Tencent, the trial court found no improper, 360 buttons on the evaluation for the bodyguard, difficult to identify objective results, and concluded that the 360 acts constitute unfair competition.


maybe you don’t know, Cseek search guest, Shawei, where to network, beauty said, financial 360…… This series of enterprises in the history of China’s Internet development to promote enterprises, more or less associated with Zhuang Chenchao. This will be long enough for anyone who has no time to read the full text.

since early 2010, Tencent will copy target locked to 360 security guards, and in its huge users forced binding. Startups are not afraid of Tencent copying, but:

NetEase Francisco February 24th news, the Supreme People’s court today on Qihoo 360 v. Tencent monopoly case of second trial final verdict: 360 the appeal was dismissed, upheld the verdict. Last year, the trial of the Guangdong provincial high court decided that 360 would constitute unfair competition against the Tencent and compensate for the economic losses of 5 million yuan, and 360 would then appeal to the Supreme law.

today published an open letter to the user, said sorry for the final judgment, and insisted that the Tencent "Copy + bundle" means "to kill the entrepreneurial company, extrusion development space company, cut off the startup shengcunzhilu.


wrote here forget to say, a lot of friends I should see an interview "written before the Comtech core city on the road" Zhu Jizhi: his two venture, the hero Zhu Jizhi and the heroine Zhuang Chenchao are classmates, two people are 76 years, and understand the technology industry Daniel, it is worth mentioning is that they are admitted to the University in 1994, but now public information shows Zhuang Chenchao in 1995 on the 100, this is obviously wrong. In addition to Zhu Jizhi and Zhuang Chenchao, their classmates have been mixed up, many of them have entered the positions of HUAWEI, IBM and other companies.

wrote this article, I randomly asked some friends if I had heard Zhuang Chenchao, and most of them said I had never heard of them before, on the my friend, more than a thousand Internet practitioners. Just looked at the "Zhuang Chenchao" sh419 index is less than 100, almost with my pen name "Ding Tao division" quite. A large number of people engaged in the Internet industry for many years, have not heard of this person, it has also become a driving force me to write this article, and the story of Zhuang Chen Chao search is necessary to speak out, the future of the human achievements will be more than all our imagination.

in the Internet has China after 18 years of development, the search engine is a very bright plate in the field of the Internet, in the field of search engine can call the number known by the public figures should have only two: Robin Li and Zhou Hongyi. But in fact, China’s Internet field there is another can be compared with the previous two, but very low-key character, he is not many Internet practitioners have heard of Zhuang Chenchao.

from 360 buckle bodyguard development line, to today’s final judgment, a total of 1210 days. In this long period of time, for those who care for and support 360 of users, we sincerely say: Thank you!

also believes 360 users have the right to use 360 button bodyguards to modify software downloaded from their computers, which could encourage Tencent to further abuse its market position.

and 1994–1995, through the painstaking efforts of leaders such as Hu Qiheng, the Internet entered china. At that time, Ding Lei resigned from the Ningbo Telecommunications Bureau; at that time, yinghaiwei was established; at that time, Ma Yun founded the Chinese. It was also this time that Zhuang Chenchao, born in 1976, was admitted to the Peking University with honors and studied in the Department of radio.


first article: there is no search guest

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