brand value is to constantly expand their propaganda is the market influence, to establish their own brand development ideas, days and months multiplying the brand strength, as well as for their children to make their own brand development continuously, more market value.

our business is to what? A lot of people would say the money, this is indeed one of the most direct and most superficial things, so there are a lot of people to make money and deceive customers, the brand do stink, and then go to register another brand then, they really can make in the beginning money, but to those not reliable, not practical, you walk in a wrong way how to go wrong.

if we like I started to say, as the death of a project and then to another, so that the brand is of no value, and even can be said to be a negative price. And if you want to succeed, we should do a good job in their own brand, make their brand value.

including BAT and other giants figure, Ali United ant payment service $6 billion raised by sh419’s reputation, sh419 takeaway independent development of open financing, the U.S. group, 58 Tencent have stand. In addition, according to incomplete statistics, in 2014, a total of 94 companies and BAT giants such as capital relations, of which the largest number of Companies in the field of O2O.

in 2016, "economic development" high-frequency words, almost no "O2O" shadow, replaced by "live", "shared bike" and other new terms.

venture later

when I started, I thought so, but a friend of mine told me not to, he said: Although we are making money, but we need to do is how to make money, how to make money to be sustained and reliable, this is the most important, and this is today we are going to talk about the brand culture.

so we pay attention to the brand that is for what?

there are many entrepreneurs do not pay attention to their commitment, commitment is only as soon as possible in order to make their own money, but this is the damage to the brand. Brand commitment is to establish entrepreneurial reputation, make our customers more trust the brand, establish good customer reputation, the development of entrepreneurs and brand have a great role.

products can help the products quickly occupied the market, increase the influence of customers, we can successfully open the market in the early days.

what is the brand culture and brand culture? According to the process of entrepreneurship is divided into general brand value, brand personality, brand commitment. Below we introduce the sequence:

focus on the significance and function of the brand is to improve product visibility, increase the enterprise reputation, improve customer loyalty, the three is the absolute guarantee of success.

, however, was no longer 1 years of spectacular. Since the end of 2015, the O2O suffered a cold winter is no longer worthy of the name of the capital, investors in the eyes of the meat and potatoes. This year, O2O seems to have become a brutal market, all areas involved, including catering, service life, automobile, dyeing, have a large number of enterprises to death, with Starving people fill the land. to describe too much.

start at the beginning of the establishment of brand value

Pay attention to the brand promise

has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to enter this field

fever · fever

enterprise’s reputation is trust, self when it comes to some industries I >

Because of the concern of capital and the low entry threshold,


days ago, popular project "community + washing blue moon O2O" also announced restructuring. With nearly half of a batch of home wash, washing, care, Manicure beauty company disappeared, the once popular concept of community +O2O is gradually frozen, blue moon O2O closed after the operation for a year and a half blue moon "Moon House" community shops have closed, fever is a microcosm of the tide. Let us review, over the past year over the years, the concept of capital and entrepreneurship in the spring tide came and ran away.

2015, O2O is known as the year of the outbreak of the industry, in the mobile Internet tide, a large number of O2O companies born, covering all aspects of daily life, and even change people’s habits and customs.

this momentum in the first half of 2015 is still not diminished, according to the Internet service provider TalkingData released data in 2015 "home O2O mobile application report" shows that in 2015, only in the home field of O2O, the capital market has invested nearly 30 billion yuan. These figures are sufficient to show that O2O was favored by capital at that time.


venture found brand personality

Abstract: in 2015, O2O called the outbreak of the industry, in the tide of mobile Internet, a large number of O2O business was born, however, 1 years we will have ceased.

brand personality is the brand characteristics we often say, now is an open era, open market, all products do not have a monopoly, that is to say if you have to give the customer a reason to buy your product, is what we often say that the brand selling point. Brand personality is a brand to seize the customer needs, establishing the market guarantee, it is also a starting point to the development of entrepreneurs.

in 2015, with the influx of O2O, make some of the traditional field looks more of the Internet, combining online and offline has become a trend, which also led to the O2O investment continued for a year and entrepreneurship.

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