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two is in line for physical sales of stores under the O2O test the water, the POS machine networking is very important

first, the traditional garment industry is ushering in the throes of reshaping the channel system, O2O integration is a must do,

4, mail, click, make money can be done concurrently. Each click or mail return in 0.1 – 0.25 cents, as other Wangzhuan way are filled. Of course, there are very few pure mail or click money making companies that offer both cash and registration methods.

in the electricity supplier to chat with me, there is a textile industry executives, he said he would try to "flat channels +O2O online and offline integration" mode in the creation of a new brand, the traditional dish is very difficult to operate, and want to know what Wu Bo would do, or permit to cooperate. However, from now on, Wu Bo should have chosen the second way. American music is defined as a "O2O fast fashion chain" brand, not a channel brand. If the manufacturer is willing to be OEM, or the two sides discuss a new brand, may be able to cooperate.

1, registered to earn money is the first choice. If you have more than junior high school English basis, then suggest you first sign up to earn money, while doing surfing, making money and investigation to make money. Because money is currently registered the highest income, the fastest free Wangzhuan type, the necessary foundation to the higher level is higher. You need to have some English foundation to make a registration. People who are poor in English can do it by means of tools such as Kingsoft, etc. while making money, they learn to kill two birds with one stone.

why is American music standing on an air outlet,

I have a friend trying to do this thing in more than two years ago, his approach is based on the open brand stores POS and internal ERP system, then open up the electricity supplier EC system, then the docking platform includes Jingdong, Tmall, the interface simple, on the basis of the ERP system within the enterprise, to create a similar external cloud ERP system. The advantage of this is real-time warehouse management, each POS brush or online shopping orders can be real-time response to less than the stock data


I of Wu Bo’s new company "Canada Music" is interested in, is that this new venture has attracted plenty of hot words: O2O, fast fashion, high inventory and zero inventory, all retail channels, China Zara and H& M…… Interestingly, Wu Bo saw the trend of entrepreneurship is my identity, business logic makes sense, if in accordance with Lei Jun said "standing on the air, pigs can fly North American music story will be very beautiful, but there is always a strange feeling.

but this transformation is hard to accomplish, and sometimes many people don’t feel it can be done in a traditional system. Canada music there are two kind of opportunity: one is to help the traditional brand to complete this process, to sell water; two is similar to the thunder protection Internet manufacturing millet, docking upstream manufacturers and downstream stores, recreating a new fast fashion brand.

3, making money is the best supplement. The survey is generally made in Chinese companies. Making money is a good choice because it pays well to make money. But the questionnaire is not every day, so it can not be the flagship project, so the supplement project is the best. Of course, the main project is not absolutely impossible, you can participate in a number of survey companies at the same time, so that the task of investigation more.

if you just started to enter the Wangzhuan novice, the best advice from the free Wangzhuan project starts, edge to make learning. Then, many kinds of free Wangzhuan project, how to choose their own way and Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? It should start from their own skills.

2 years ago, I started to write the group purchase reports, Wang Xing and Wu Bo is the two person I often confuse, although you can easily distinguish them from looking on, but for me, at that time the group purchase company almost all in the homogenization of the founder of a quagmire, that seems to be not worth mentioning. Since then, the story has gradually changed, one still adhere to, and an anti low-key put forward a hundred billion goals, and the other after investors gradually control the company’s rumors, and finally to tell a new story.

2, surfing makes money the most suitable for long-term development. If you do not understand English, then I suggest you to surf to make money, and do other Wangzhuan project. Surf to make money, just follow the instructions to join, just look at the ads on the line, do not understand the meaning of advertising does not matter. Because surfing the money making project generally provides better offline earnings policy, so it is suitable for long-term development.

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