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more accurate information needs

from the beginning of the 07 year network industry has basically met a liar, see friends cheated experience! Today to write this article, but also to remind new friends, to avoid being cheated; at the same time, I hope you do not think that the Internet industry new friends do, in fact this line really can make money rarely, can really make less! Well, not much to say, get to the point.


as everyone knows! Now open a forum or website, you will see a screen full of money on advertising to teach you? Really living Buddha or other such infinite compassion and mercy? And? Teach others to make money in itself is a paradox, teach others make money online 99% projects are for training fees, the remaining 0.9% is the MLM and.

2, automatic recharge software, resolute not agent. Naked pyramid schemes, in the middle all is the value deficit. How can Taobao still allow it to be sold?

from the Internet industry development perspective, more Internet companies still meet the information needs of users, simple online user needs to solve, there is too much on traditional enterprises have failed; and the traditional retail industry B2C, C2C breakthrough, optimization and reform the traditional industry chain, to promote the reform of the traditional information enterprise; and the development of the Internet and more applications is an inevitable trend, so in addition to the retail industry outside the traditional industry is bound to accept the reform of information, so people’s basic necessities of life, the largest body.

O2O, an abbreviation for the Internet model, was born abroad, but was put more than like exaggeration of China, but also to confuse China’s Internet too much attention. It’s just a pity that individuals always think that 020 is a concept that is greatly magnified. Of course, from the point of view of packaging concept, Alex Rampell is successful,

4, SP temptation SMS, film and Television Alliance tutorial: good prospects, such is the temptation to text messages, no leakage, no pornography, there is no relevant legal restrictions. In the past few years, many people did make a lot of money. It’s basically not making a few money, but some people lie around with these tutorials,

literally understand Online, to, Offline, online to offline model of an internet. From the perspective of this mode is the inevitable trend of development of the Internet! Whenever many early Internet users have used the chat room, and now the group of friends, or outdoor tourism and so on, are set off by the online, transferred to the next line of consumption. This formal early O2O model, and already a lot of people through such people make pots full of bowls.

and the current domestic mainstream media recognition, belonging to the O2O model of the enterprise is 58 city and U.S. group, handle all kinds of classified information website and group purchase website, compared with other models or products are relatively down to earth, but also on the localization. Collect customers through localized information requirements or consumer requirements, and then import users into offline entities to profit from them. Even a few years ago to develop a local portal also go O2O mode.

however, the Internet has developed to a certain stage, from the early to meet the user’s information needs to consumer demand, can only belong to the primitive stage of the Internet, which is also the inevitable social value of the internet. With the development and the needs of users, has been unable to meet, they need more accurate information, including where to eat? What good? Where can I play? What is the fun? Until now from the development of social media, the information needs of users has been upgraded to what others eat what others? Recommended

this is the social progress that mankind accompanies this Internet development, more and more accurate to the information demand. For Internet companies, want to develop, is a natural need to meet the current needs of users, even in advance to create user needs, so the development of O2O model from the point of view to meet the information needs is obviously inevitable!

I think Wangzhuan money online, figure is making money. However, the network is the same as the reality, and some people use the psychology of making money to cheat money. As a result, many people have not only made money online, but cheated a lot of hard money. This is the last thing that the invisible king wishes to happen. So, I will give you a summary of the current mainstream deceptive Wangzhuan today. These I sorted out several kinds of Wangzhuan are determined not to do.

from the point of view of Internet development,

3, the so-called online part-time typist, is also a cancer in the cancer. Probably in some profitable friends, this trick is very retarded. However, according to incomplete statistics, there have been thousands of successful reports on "Deception Theory" in Guangdong province.

1, online always color, often color agent resolutely not touch. This is the first big liar online money liar, in the name of part-time gambling. Many people have been trapped in it. And also bought the so-called number calculation software, this thought will make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the result did not lose 5 thousand a day. More than a week before losing money generally, you earn money every day. But a liar is using the psychology of the people to defraud, first let you taste the sweetness, and then let you lost it all.

traditional enterprises’ demand for information technology reform

6, first give you a big pie: first teach the software to brush up an ad League of his own, and then in the account


5, advertising alliance brush each other: give you a garbage station, and then give you a common point software, say how much you can earn a month, and so on, how much you want to teach the deposit?.

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