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lead: U.S. tech blog BusinessInsider, wrote today, according to the category summary of KPCB famous analysts, the queen of the Internet Marie · Mick Mary Meeker 20 revolutionary start-up companies mentioned in the report of the latest trends in the Internet, they can transform photo sharing, mobile payment, creative development, education and other fields.



Snapchat is an application for sharing photos between friends, but the photos it sends have "burn after reading" function. At present, the number of photos shared in Snapchat has exceeded Instagram per day.

founder: Evan · J Paegel Evan Spiegel and Bobby · Murphy Bobby

total financing: financing through Accel, Partners and Menlo, Ventures and other companies 17>

the highest value of the entrepreneurial community, beach bikini beauty everywhere.

this place is in Losangeles. It’s called the beach.

Dropcam is a home camera that can monitor video through a variety of devices. Videos uploaded to Dropcam per minute have exceeded YouTube.

Startup Genome data, considering the performance of the company, such as talent, venture capital, infrastructure and so on 50 kinds of factors, silicon beach was named the nation’s third largest business community, after Silicon Valley and New York. There are more than 9000 start-up companies, as well as more than 8000 independent investors or institutions.

is a combination of a home camera and a set of software that is easy to install and can store video in the cloud. Users can view home surveillance videos directly through mobile devices or web pages, and save these video clips. Parents can use it to care for their babies and can also be used as home surveillance cameras.


founder: Greg · Duffy Greg and Amir · Villani Aamir Virani

pony through the "Silicon beach hair Yan people", have the honor to contact many entrepreneurs in silicon beach area, deeply felt the unique nature of this community of silicon beach. Compared with Silicon Valley, what are the differences and advantages of silicon beach? Here’s a brief list of one or two.

from 2015 onwards, the technology bubble causes such as Silicon Valley high-tech companies increasingly slow growth, but also because of the high prices, consumption of expensive, monotonous life and other reasons, leading technology companies continue to have a brain drain phenomenon. Some entrepreneurs even ridicule each other, "if you want to succeed in business, you have to flee Silicon Valley.".

importance: Snapchat shared more than 150 million photos per day, more than Instagram, about 1/3 of Facebook.

Silicon Beach is a general term for the Losangeles regional entrepreneurship community. This area includes not only the Downtown of Losangeles City, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, south of Santa Monica, also includes Venice, Marina Del Ray, Playa Vista etc. these new business areas.

1, transform pictures

, according to data from the well-known recruitment website Indeed in February, 35% of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs and technology company staff have submitted resumes to other parts of Silicon Valley. And Losangeles’s "Silicon Beach", this "facing the sea, the spring flowers" has become one of the most popular cities.

what is silicon beach?

is the most beautiful place for entrepreneurship in the United states.


and Silicon Valley,

2, transform video

founder time: January 2009

re Entertainment: Entertainment >


Losangeles has long been recognized as the center of American entertainment culture because of the presence of Hollywood. But the potential and diversity here are not limited to entertainment. Beginning in 2012, Losangeles has continued to develop into a comprehensive and diversified entrepreneurial community. Because it has a coastline of 7 kilometers, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is known as the "Silicon beach."".

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KPCB, famous analyst, Internet queen, Marie, ·, Mick,

According to the

total financing: financing $14 million from Lightspeed, Ventures, Partners, SV, Angel and Benchmark

uses this photo sharing tool, the user can automatically determine the length of time the other can view, and then permanently delete it. If the other party attempts to screen, the system automatically sends a notification to you.

founder time: May 2011

What are the differences between

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