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real webmaster story

short, start from a domain name I bought about. In 2004, people heard that making SP could make money. So I want to rely on my network experience for many years, do a station try. And a site placed SP advertising webmaster friends know, they do is SP alliance, the method is very simple, as long as the background after registration, take a piece of code to your station. When someone registers their SP service via their website for example, ringtones, downloads, etc., the station owner can distribute the money from SP. Having made up his mind to do it, he began to make arrangements. The first is to find a suitable domain name, this really takes a lot of effort, because good domain name is very difficult to find. I happen to see someone selling a domain name on the Internet, when he asked for 3000 yuan, I am very surprised, I think this domain name will be so high price?! Later, through his contact to get rid of, this is a big SP service provider www.caiku Chinese domain name. He was registered before, and he told me that I sold 3000 because the domain name could buy me money. The reason is that many people who download www.caiku SP services will enter this station to custom service, he used this domain name to do the SP League, every day there are many people will fall in to register. Then I bought the domain name, there are two reasons: first, although he was not propaganda so difficult to buy back, but every day is to have a few registered. Second, I think maybe one day Caiku people will take my domain name back so that I can earn some money at least.

the first thing I want to say is, this is definitely a true story. The story is divided into two parts, and I say, because in almost a year, I almost made nearly 300 thousand yuan from the internet. The first part, I give you talk about IP less than 500 of the station a year is how to earn 100 thousand yuan! Perhaps most people do not believe how can one day IP not even 500 of the site a year earn 100 thousand yuan net income. I can say that most days, IP1 million, or even 50 thousand IP, may not be able to do my income. So how did I do it?

although the goal is established, but many friends still like headless flies, I do not know where to start, then we need to work out a practical plan. For example, some friends do Taobao guest website, then you can develop a website promotion optimization program: every day how many articles, how many chains, write several soft Wen and so on. The plan must be specific, it is best to quantify. When you execute the plan in accordance with the unshakable, a few months will taste the taste of success.

each make Wangzhuan friends want to earn some money, hoping to improve the quality of life through their own efforts. But when asked about specific goals, very few people can blurt out, I personally think that this is the target is not clear performance. Do Wangzhuan best to set themselves a reasonable expectation, a lamp in the night like this, only looking at it you can know where to forward the. For example, for novice friends, you can first set up their own day to earn 30 yuan target, so that every day there will be a reference to action, you can effectively avoid impetuous mentality. Later, as the ability to improve, and then set up higher goals.

from then on, I started my SP career. So why can’t a station with less than 500 IP a day bring me such a big income? To tell you the truth, buying a domain name has given me great inspiration. Later, I registered and bought some other domains myself. In order to explain clearly, give examples of domain names. Such as mmstom , sms163 and so on. To explain the meaning of these domain names, first of all, please look at the NetEase SMS channel domain name sms.163 or TO>

I often heard friends complain not to earn money, I think this is normal, because these people do not pay for Wangzhuan valuable things. Everyone who works on the Internet wants to be successful, but only those who really pay and know how to make their goals and actions come to the end. If your goals and plans are not yet clear, start now.

, I also experienced impetuous stage, when every time I see someone send screenshots, excited, and quickly follow. They found that their ability to simply can’t handle things to do operation in half, then went up again, can see the new project and resemblewith the wind to operate, so repeatedly to contact for a long time still no income wangzhuan. Later, with the continuous learning practice, I slowly learned if I want to do Wangzhuan, must be clear two points: goals and plans.

madman! Day IP less than 500 of the station, earned 100 thousand yuan a year!

for the novice friends, Wangzhuan is mysterious and tempting. The secret is that it is structured in the virtual world, and the temptation is that it can extract a lot of money from the virtual world. It is because of these two factors, many newcomers have ambitious problems, and paid a lot, but could not get the corresponding return.

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