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we usually go to see a website, website of light from the surface is not out of any problem, it should look at how to see whether it is love Shanghai drop right?

then to 2013, I teach you a simple way of looking at the website of Shanghai love weight (the webmaster think this website in Shanghai love search on the weight, weight is high, the top

)The following

with 2 website presentation, 1 is not the right to stand down, 1 was down the right of the station. See the screenshot below:


is shown on the website of Shanghai love down the right, find love Shanghai included or normal

normal weight website

love Shanghai has now become a major search engine all the webmaster Shanghai dragon, is all website traffic sources, we do is to emulate the love of Shanghai, now most of the webmaster is love Shanghai make no temper. Usually if you love Shanghai does not meet the user experience or what mistake on the site, you will receive from Shanghai love punishment, light is right down, or a website will be K light, then a period of time, will not get any IP source of love in Shanghai.

The first site is arranged above the The

Shanghai algorithm every year new year, as if the method has lost the effect, a lot of domain domain name the first station do not have any weight and of course love love Shanghai, Shanghai has never launched what love Shanghai weight, we say love Shanghai weight are the reference data of the third party, or is the Webmaster Tools Platform measured, or is the webmaster own standard and so on.

used to see whether Shanghai love right down to almost all the lost, of course, may have said webmaster friends can view the keywords ranking, of course this is good, but not necessarily accurate. In addition, love Shanghai official said, Shanghai has not been as love snapshot of Shanghai Longfeng reference data is just a search engine search filing time, whether the latest snapshot every day doesn’t mean that your site search spider every day to the most diligent.

in the past to see if the site is love Shanghai right down method is nothing more than to see the site included total site, check the snapshot, search rankings, 2012 check method is the weight of love Shanghai domain command, these measures go anywhere. For example, last year to see whether a site is down right, can be directly input in Shanghai love search inside domain: with your web site, so easy to understand whether it is right to drop, if the first domain shows that the weight is very good, if second and below that weight is not high, if the first 100 no page shows that there is no love Shanghai weight.

then I said: direct search domain of central English letters, must not do not add com and www. For example, see the home appliance maintenance network, can be directly in love.

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