in recent years, the traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet is nothing new, especially the rapid development of electricity providers, some of the traditional retail. With the prevalence of O2O, the traditional retail industry have hopes of O2O, but the transition is not imagination in so simple, the fundamental purpose of the transformation, still need to use the O2O online traffic and Internet technology, combined with the advantage of the store or retain consumer culture.


transformation O2O: fine, professional, differentiated

currently on the market can maintain stable sales of retail enterprises, mostly rely on the time-honored brand reputation, the old one is a high degree of credibility, a part of customer loyalty, the second is a moderate price, then the customer is more widely, for the whole country; there is also a part of the retail industry in prime locations that sales is relatively stable, but due to the impact of the electricity supplier in recent years, representations and different life O2O, traditional retail or have a certain sense of crisis.

either by the impact of the electricity supplier, or market life negotiations in the field of O2O, are directly leading to change the traditional business model or business transformation is imminent. A large department store manager recently Tucao: "before the supermarket promotion people queuing around the mall can be a circle, unless it is none other than now, ordinary people are shopping at the supermarket a lot less. Our revenue and expenditure gap is also growing, some utilities, supermarket staff wages and other costs are increasing year by year, but profits and sales are in decline."

in fact, there are already many traditional companies in the transformation of the O2O model to make an attempt, such as intime business, Huarun, etc., but the gains are not.

A large department store is located in the golden section of

said: "over the past few years our sales is two digit growth, sales and profits last year have started to decline, estimated faster will decline next year may be the cause of bottleneck reason must be a part of the impact of the electricity supplier, we are considering the transition at present, to do in the before the transition work is in-depth understanding of Internet plus, we combine the advantages of the line, with the rapid development of the online channel, which is now very fire O2O mode."

business is generally low price promotion, can also let the lazy people do not go out, but it will not completely replace the store position. Just as many consumers like to go to the supermarket after dinner, the purpose of their visit may be more on the basis of the purchase of goods, to experience the fun of shopping.

so the traditional retail industry in more experience, longitudinal Sok Wang believes that "now many stores are anxious to transition to O2O, however can not see the obvious benefits, it is not a kind of herd behavior, the Internet is just a tool, channels, called O2O mode does not subvert the industry it’s just, to subvert the industry, and the development of this model should be more refined, specialization, differentiation."


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