many owners are very concerned about the site collected, actually collected a large part of it depends on the spider. The general structure of the web spider is love a tree, to facilitate their rapid reach every corner of the site to grab useful information; we can imagine that if we through the chain to the site woven into a net, it will increase the depth and frequency of the spider crawling rate, "the update will no longer be a problem. I love Shanghai in the discussion on why spiders don’t visit the web site said very detailed, everyone interested can see.

3, improve the user experience of

written in the end, Shanghai dragon in the chain is also very important, the core chain is through the station.

browsing behavior on the web ranking can not be ignored, in order to facilitate visitors to quickly find useful and valuable information, it must be linked to the guidelines. For example now that the user experience, you can add a natural you’ve written about the user experience of the article, to attract users to further understand, virtually will increase PV, increase the residence time of the user, and this is also a trend of search engine optimization key.


2, the optimization of long tail keywords

site weight is a very complex thing, the influence factor is too much, a lot of Qi would not say much about the weight problem. You can do to improve the weight of a single page or directory page within the chain, and in the process of accumulation and transfer the weight to improve ZhengZhan weight, and ranking, the PR value and so on, so that the chain is an essential link in website optimization.

we all know the important role of the long tail keywords to a web site, can not only bring traffic, and because its accuracy can improve the conversion rate, so by the majority of owners in hot pursuit. But tens of thousands of long tail keywords is not all anchor text outside the chain, so the chain became the main means to enhance the long tail keywords ranking. Of course, we can also bring to see the long tail keywords through the website traffic statistics, relatively high flow can enhance the frequency of the internal links.

business has entered the competition of second months, yesterday was attacked for nearly 1 hours, I believe the day after the attack site will be more and more. Looks like a lot of people feel warm to cool a lot, a lot of Qi is also a day to look at the electric business district Shanghai Longfeng contest ranking, update the article basically is nothing. A problem was found in the other participating site, everyone is referred to the site of the internal links is very useful for the promotion of the website of Shanghai Longfeng effect, but may be affected by the "content is king, the chain for emperor" concept, focus on the content update and the chain construction and many are ignored in the value chain. The following is a great cross some key role in a long winded chain:

, convenient spider crawling

4, promote ZhengZhan weight

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