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station is a research topic, relying on a large number of sites to occupy the home, or even a monopoly industry, but the content is indeed spam recognized, not what the readability (for the visitors), to love the Shanghai spider impression is the original article, love Shanghai love the original article, but not necessarily represents the original collection, because the station to attract spiders crawl on the sprocket, actually station group to have such a good ranking is by the chain, even if you refuse to content themselves do not know what, but the spider was included, the station group has repeatedly been love Shanghai to destroy. But there are still many stations still survive, or station group software can sell so well? Profiteering industry profits who want to compete, after all, Shanghai Longfeng effective bidding time is slow, large investment, the so-called Station group software to collect content, ask with a standing group of software owners you can read those content in the end what? Ask the visitors to see, will continue to keep your site? Many webmaster to ranking Shanghai dragon, including himself, garbage is the most, what the industry is there.

has many webmaster submission analysis 6.28 days love Shanghai K article, I was complaining about it, but I don’t have much station is K away, inevitably some of the edge off station is harmonious, but not the love of Shanghai K station disappeared, perhaps I frequent the modification caused by it, and then back to the topic, the love of Shanghai is not the first time K station, remember the last 5.20 day? Not many webmaster is K, there is also restored, recovery is not back, I love action reason analysis of the Shanghai bar:

we have seen the recent fire in 3 hours or 24 hours on the front page, it is 48 hours, certainly some businesses play in advertising, according to the author’s experience, it is to improve the user clicks on the love that leads to love Shanghai rankings, Shanghai is not good for people or software identification is this? Love is Shanghai’s fatal weakness, love Shanghai clicks in the end there is no effect? There must be some effect but the long-term stability of Shanghai is not love, people in the operation, if the rankings so good to do, just a software monopoly love Shanghai home, many webmasters may also follow suit, people will be able to go up in a few hours, I also buy to use, so large-scale love Shanghai must be aware of, to take corresponding measures.

1. Station Group acquisition caused by the spread of many non

can be said to Shanghai dragon Er is love Shanghai’s enemy is the best teacher, why do you say that? Do Shanghai dragon knows love Shanghai is not good on to the odd aunt, or a big update, the webmaster to return to the liberation, there is the recent Shanghai dragon training a lot, then liweihui God long master training 2>

3. Shanghai dragon ER and love sea interests in Shanghai dragon er

2. love Shanghai click ranking system chaos

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