3, since the search results have begun to show pictures, believe the same a punishment mechanism, so when the picture of the best collocation and content, it increases the user experience, but also to bring the friendly spider love Shanghai.

Shanghai has a friendly love on the domestic server and the record of the domain name has, many believe that the webmaster are clear, now love Shanghai has already begun to implement the site domain name registration information.

for Shanghai dragon theoretical knowledge believe that as long as the site is done are aware of some, have a variety of tutorials on the web, each Shanghai dragon Er has its own argument, but the same. Now in the process of doing site if you do not understand the Shanghai dragon, website can almost be said that the development is not up. Shanghai dragon every webmaster, who can look at the details of how to do the webmaster in the talent shows itself from. Some of the new features below I introduce some of the recent 1,2 years of love Shanghai.

three, the website weight lifting

1, should be placed inside page theme, love Shanghai spider when read the article will according to the quality of the decision whether to display pictures.

love Shanghai before clear stated, there will not be any thing with the weight of BR is now popular among the network, BR values are made by private network owners. But we have to exchange the chain BR value weight as an important reference.

love experience in Shanghai now more and more care about the user, in the previous illustrations was only Shanghai dragon er know, but now Shanghai has clearly put love with pictures and articles can also be displayed in the search results, so that users can better experience the "graphic era", to the webmaster can also bring more traffic and click the rate of.

The official in the search results display pictures

of course there are many webmaster found site others domain name record information, but site is not your own domain name, this is why? The small constant site found some mass index, weight high website will record information of site, but many small enterprises index almost no station. For as long as you record record information, both the presence and the absence of the result is the same, so I do not recommend you to pursue.


two, site domain name registration information

2, the size of the picture zoom in to 120:75 the best time to show, so as to better increase the click rate.

data since it is not love Shanghai, then Xiaobian here simply said BR quickly upgrade problems, enhance the value of BR to the weight of a very simple, only need to have an index of keywords into love Shanghai top 100, enhance the weight of the two value requires a few words to the top fifty on it. To observe the BR value >

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