1, Html5 microdate support (micro data)

four, according to the intimate search, Shanghai dragon new rules are as follows:

three, "intimate search on shaping the website of Shanghai Longfeng

3, in the station of the more important

The so-called

HTML has been close to the semantic search engines love Shanghai things, in the bosom of a new generation of search, will support micro data in Html5, let the semantics more smoothly.

the user’s search results will be injected into the Aladdin system, standardized pages, and these pages will be presented to the user is more rich in content and answer.

users to vote to vote

4, the search results of three-dimensional display


1, reduce the number of

1, a structured page easy to get a better ranking

love the number of Shanghai advertising on the website is detected, such as:

the night of 16 October 2013, "love Shanghai night", love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end Salon of ShangHai Railway Station, search expert Lee introduces new technology called "love Shanghai, intimate search". What is the intimate search? As the name suggests, is to know the user’s mind, so, how intimate, future intimate search what is the impact on the shaping of Shanghai dragon? Here, with a small series of problems together and to explore a

in Shanghai love view, personal vote will replace the traditional website direct hyperlink voting status.

two, "the intimate search" four highlights:

is three-dimensional, the search results are presented in the form of rich and colorful, relevant information related to the user may want to know in different sections of this page, so intimate, more intimate.

! website advertising

, what is the intimate search

, for example, users search a drama name, you will see the results illustrated the search results, the relevant actors what the director has come out, compared to the right of the small interface will appear related characters, links, the next generation of search more humane. The specific content of the user’s own need to personally feel.

The quality of

2, the traditional super chain transformation of

3, Aladdin

2, objective user voting may affect the site’s ranking

since the beginning of 2013, Shanghai love search engine has been changed, from the "green" algorithm to "pomegranate algorithm", then to "green algorithm 2", and then to the next generation of search engine — "intimate search", again and again proved that the love of Shanghai is in progress, the so-called good, is the user in the search the time is not only display related content keywords blunt, or the psychological analysis of users, and presents a group of related information integration.


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