rarely had time and mood today, and suddenly wanted to write something. Although it wasn’t long before Admin5, I felt like it here. I hope I can meet more new friends and old friends here, because I have heard that there are many masters here, hehe.

3, choose the right way. The higher the so-called ad dragons and fishes jumbled together, many tempting height, to polish your eyes, be careful. Those who could earn in the group of tens or hundreds of so-called "sunflower", I never see.

1, pay attention to your body. The body is the capital of revolution, do Wangzhuan nine out of ten are owl family, learn to exercise, I feel this, it is easy to say, it is really difficult to make friends yo, I hope you can pay attention to it.

from 2006 onwards, contact Wangzhuan has more than 2 years, from the most basic domestic hang, now do foreign PTC, gradually have some improvement, feeling very good revenue dollars. This more than 2 years of time, I feel the following points, share with you all! Wrong, please correct me!

feeling, and more disorderly, ha ha. Want to know more of the new and higher master……

ttwz8 my station, now every day there are a few dollars. The number is increasing gradually, after all, I was an amateur to do, to learn things a lot, there is still a long way……

2, stick to it. Adhere to the essential condition is to do Wangzhuan, and this reality is similar, many things, persistence is victory, "left" for the king.

4, bring yourself good. Keep optimistic attitude is very important, because some projects, even if you work hard, there are likely to fail, then do not be discouraged, give yourself a platform, but the project, there must be a new project in the waiting for you……

5, keep learning. Online money is earned, how much can be earned, and this is their own ability to equate, and some temporary speculative projects may be just a flash in the pan. If you want to continue to set online real gold, it is necessary to repair internal strength, learning self-study and learning to master.

6, trustworthy and honest. Although the network is virtual, but for users, especially the beginner, to take a realistic attitude to win the trust of others, will be sincere words first, guarantee letter word.

! Since ! ?The old

normal CTR basic average in 2% to 5%, these are also major hits, small website hits average lower, those in the forum every day is called K station or close the site click rate click billing that no more than 10%, there are more than 30% people, more fierce station hits than IP the traffic is really high, there are so many people you stand advertising; on the other hand, on the other hand, every day you browse so many pages, and a few ads, estimated over 100 pages to two or three points is God bless, on the two or three may have no point to the mouse ad! Everyone like hate ads! So the station was K what strange, the station was K friend a few dared to say my flow is not brush out loud, click rate is a natural one, someone will say I can give you a look at the statistics prove that the third party is not my brush, but this can explain what, according to Statistics website and now brush tool also quietly was born, will make your brush, will not engage in a month to spend $5 monthly, set the relevant parameters, tens of thousands of false packets to send a variety of statistics every day to deceive the server can increase IP and PV statistics, not only escape the brush page risk and improve the statistics of real! The one upmanship! Really dare to stand up and be shot in stationmaster, people and traffic data and click rate are natural, you are

of course there is no absolute thing, so many website owners, occasionally misjudgment there, but for the main site as long as the basic information submitted soon return to normal! Or that sentence, everyone, who are not stupid, advertisers spend mother through this platform for promotion, advertising as intermediaries. Mom must be responsible for advertising, or after the mother who can vote.

7, low-key handling. In fact, the network some real money master, most are relatively low-key, some of them, even the sites are not, tens of thousands of dollars a month There are plenty of people who can.

Ali mother last August officially launched, will be driven by the rapid growth of small and medium-sized personal website and IDC operators! But there are quite a few people in fact is directed at the Ali Mama advertising to do click on the station and also promotes the development and acquisition of thief program and various content industry chain Alliance now. A person called the management and maintenance of more than 10 thief station or acquisition station There are plenty of people who real reason for this is, can bind sub space so welcome! What cross point software, cross point group, mother brush brush GG, adware, IP brush brush flow, these are to produce a large number of

think of mother freeze your account, how no one heard freeze that large website advertising accounts, people every day than you a thousand times more natural flow, in the absence of advertising to sell before mom push advertising click rate are not more than one percent, one of my friends work in a local portal, they only last week for mother advertising, some advertising has not yet sold nearly one million, every natural flow, but the mother push ad click rate is less than 0.2%

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