, a competitor analysis

in the search engine platform, basic similar sites can find a number of competitors. If early Shanghai dragon only need to select the keyword optimization and promotion can be crazy, so now the Shanghai dragon had to face the existing competitors. Analysis of the strength of competitors, and their opponent’s difference, its advantages can be excavated, it is a strategic demand.

is not the three words will be able to win the future Shanghai dragon, the author only just borrow some force, that the future of Shanghai that is not no way to Phoenix. According to this understanding, in September 17th, at the Nikko New Century Hotel, the upcoming 2012 timev search engine marketing conference · Beijing Railway Station, organizers said the search will be a depth professional meeting, how to make your site IP increased by more than 200 thousand, multi dimensions and multi conditions of the comparative analysis of the data, love Shanghai bidding for the core keywords the quality of the optimization strategy, Shanghai Longfeng conversion depth agenda, but also win.

search engine environment is increasingly serious, and the growing number of sites, Shanghai dragon is more challenging, the author would like to put forward three key words on the current work of Shanghai dragon.

to the tactical level, is the first Shanghai dragon to say. Have a netizen share CYTS Shanghai Longfeng keyword selection. In the "China Tours", "travel to China" and other words are too big to compete when they turn into the "city to city cheap flights" such words, and estimate the keyword combination 500 city can get 250 thousand. This is the key of the blasting, so creative in keywords in recent years, also has demand.

, however, now the search engine of Shanghai dragon really will be too difficult? I want to give the answer is: No.


search engine after 10 rain wash away, many sites in the optimization and construction of the next month after month and year after year occupied a large, popular keywords, accumulated a good weight and ranking, plus millions of large number of domain names, caused great pressure to the later search engine of Shanghai dragon, even commented: do now the search engine of Shanghai dragon is too difficult.

Keywords With the


in Shanghai K station, Google Penguins fight under the condition of the chain, the chain operation has the burden is too heavy, I would like to mention here in the chain. The station "between the link has the advantages of simple operation, improve the efficiency of the index, the search engine crawling on the website that the topic keywords with chain advantage ranking in the search engine, in the chain of King’s once neglected, now might be a good way to.

three, chain or winning

two, blasting

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