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in the website optimization work there is no shortcut, only in accordance with the Shanghai guidelines on the optimization of love to give, to do site infrastructure, in order to do a good job of

seconds is a double-edged sword. Now after a long time included many correct optimized website or a small number of new sites can reach the second good results, this let the webmaster smug, so they tried to take a shortcut, a large collection of when updates, or pseudo original, used to reduce the cost of more new content, so a direct consequence the second function is reduced slowly, so, because the incentive mechanism of Shanghai love to let the webmaster know whether the new old station to do the seconds, but to continue with the second function, need to continue to maintain a high level of new content construction.


simple repetition, let the webmaster initiation thought of looking for a shortcut. According to many webmaster love Shanghai search engine optimization guide to do optimization, everyone will think it is very simple, to update the content + insist on the chain, improve the site chain, optimize the structure of the website, the technology is not difficult, so the owners think this rulemaking is cumbersome and unnecessary, and then combined with the optimized improvement law some of the others do, a bit quick to seize the love of Shanghai home, and those who do not want to play on a step-by-step basis repeated work honestly the station began to approach them, but those who are and have long occupied the Shanghai love results page of website, it is those who insist for a long time in strict accordance with love Shanghai optimization guide rule to the "honest"

love Shanghai two review let the webmaster lost. Some web logs can see traces of the spider love Shanghai, some even see the love of spiders in Shanghai included in the index, but by conventional site command cannot see, this phenomenon has aroused the webmaster of panic, this is actually the love in Shanghai on the new sites included a common two audit strategy, to avoid the site the page appears to repeat information caused by the decrease of the user experience, so the mechanism of love by Shanghai to confirm the contents of the audit value, in this process, if the webmaster do not have the patience to wait for love Shanghai two audit, will have to give up on the idea, or thinking about some other cheating techniques to engage in the construction site, so in love Shanghai will completely abandon the site, to help clean up the content of Internet search engine, enhance the user experience, so that in the website At the beginning of the operation must have patience.

The optimization rules of

love Shanghai launched a search engine optimization guide to love Shanghai very detailed, but truly love Shanghai to do the webmaster optimization guide is less than half of those who love the study of search engine optimization rules, want to go shortcut webmaster has been on the search engine when, tell us these gullible experience, anything. There are no shortcuts, so also is the search engine optimization, combined with the Shanghai love trap search engines commonly used, as well as the reason, the webmaster lost to tell you, only the sense, in order to do search engine optimization.


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