: the first space website use.

Hello, I am Chutian Webmaster Station founder Mao Hongliang. Today for everyone to add details to the website of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng need to practice more need for long-term analysis, tracking, network optimization method largely has been too much, mainly depends on your ability to perform, I also have a lot of details of the problem in the long-term optimization of Shanghai dragon. For just contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, may ignore these Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, only more attention, more learning, modified at any time, so that it can optimize and improve the website plays a very obvious effect, after all, enhance the website ranking is the ultimate goal of every person in Shanghai dragon. Below I will briefly give you several aspects.

third: the decline of the forum.

regardless of the use of foreign space or space or Hongkong or whether it is domestic or double or single line, or. Aiming at the optimization of love Shanghai must use the love of spiders in Shanghai easily crawl space. We all know the server of Shanghai in Beijing, it is the use of Beijing double room. If you use the far space, Sichuan Telecom or China Unicom Sichuan space, it will affect the spider crawling. We recommend the use of China in the middle of the room. For example: Henan Zhejiang lane, lane. BGP four line. If you use other distant space, do not want to change the space you can use CDN to speed up. This is not only conducive to the optimization of love Shanghai, is conducive to the user. We can observe every website own statistics, it is evident that using the South space users visited the north is very small, is the truth.

, a website, let love Shanghai search engine to know your website content updates, you must update the RSS, why now independent blog for love in Shanghai are very friendly, this is also one of the reasons. The RSS function is not on the website, can check the Internet to add this feature. In the end the way you update to update a RSS website, which is more conducive to love Shanghai spider on the site’s attention. Map building site, the RSS map is also very important. How to cultivate a high weight website, the website home page must be updated every day. Let Shanghai know that you love is not a dead station, not a garbage station. Even if you just update 20 articles or.

forum website webmaster friends will find that the newly established Shanghai forum, love included is very good, the ranking is also good, but after a period of time not included posts, also included the decline, ranking also fell. In fact, your membership and popularity have a great relationship, you see your site above, every day only dozens of posts will know. No person, will not have a wide range of forum update. In view of this situation, the forum should increase efforts to promote, common promotion means can be used.

second: do not attach importance to building a web site RRS.

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