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: we were in A5 and some other forums also contribute, leaving our external links, even if A5 can only keep a pure text links, will be more than us in other forums to keep the anchor text links to work, because the more high weight website more influence. At the same time, a web site to do a lot of external links will be search engine that is cheating, severely punish.

Shanghai dragon Er to know, optimizing a website not only need the internal optimization, also need external optimization, internal optimization is the core of the website, the external optimization is to optimize our internal results show out, both are indispensable, and everyone is talking about today pony external links.




external links before going to good, whether to do a perfect internal web site optimization we? Whether has been recognized in your own mind? If not, please do internal optimization, because the internal optimization is the premise of external optimization.

do external links too, we need to put out our website promotion, for endorsement of our own website to do some external links and some related to our website theme website. Visitors can easily access to our website through the link, so our website step by step in order to be recognized. Otherwise the best site is also an island, because there is no external links, let visitors, even if the search engine can’t find us, not to mention the collection after the things.

: a website for their endorsement of

1: the concept of

two: external optimization needs 4 steps to prepare

when our website internal optimization do good, the equivalent of a martial arts apprenticeship was a cipher, although Wu Yi strength, but we have not known, we need to know some noble families, to show our strength, and then can fame.

we don’t think the external links the more the better, more favorable to our ranking, this depends on what sites do external links.

4: deliberate

external links like looking for allies, so we must investigate the health of our allies, if he is an illegal website, or illegal and linked to the website, we have to stay away, otherwise he was punished, we will also be involved.

we do external links, and we must find the content related websites, because this will make our site visitors more accurate, if our website is selling fruit, and then go to a computer to do external links, this is not desirable, because to buy computer users do not think buy fruit. So the visitor will only waste our bandwidth.

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