"rich, rich but 30 days; poor, poor not a month" with the constant death wages, many office workers into the moon moon dilemma. But some occupation comfortable many, work while earn extra money, even more money than wages, so comfortable to work and occupation, you want to know what is


a brush to feed the family – designer, cartoonist

design is often the most decent work in the company, with apple, find a corner work who also don’t bother me, I am! But we aren’t so busy, if someone is looking for me to draw a cartoon posters or not, a monthly income of thousands of big problems.

of course, if the designer can do a certain state, such as paintings and cartoons, little creativity is more incredible, it is said that micro-blog now well-known comic masters every single is thirty thousand or forty thousand, a monthly income of million is not a dream! Do not need to go to work soon! Is not the initial feeling into the wrong line


work to play the game is self willed!

to play the game, only the game companies have this kind of treatment, it is called test play their own game, don’t play game that is the understanding of competitors, most importantly, play equipment can also sell RMB worth big money a month together with thousands of income, no wonder now love is switched to online games company, environmental good woman can play the game to make money, just think! Playing games at work was also found in the civil servant uncle is not hate


network management is not good bully! Use router to make money!


network can be said to be a lot of companies most thankless work, computer is bad for you, the network has been broken for you, a software for you, and not so obvious wage work! But I want to say to do network management can earn extra money in your letter?

do not believe you can not make money, method is to use the router! When purchasing router company, is our management play when purchasing Youku routing treasure, all bound their Youku ID, you can earn good coins, and then withdraw cash! According to estimates, with fast fiber routing using Youku treasure, to earn a few if the company can yuan in January, with dozens of network routing treasure, that is not to make over


network management is too crazy

here, someone asked, if the boss finds out? It is said to help the company to save money shown with paid chant, maybe the boss will send a nice bonus, too clever!

neighborhood how thousand


is a free neighborhood where we all know, but idle money is not much, but also to the director of a monthly income of 5000 mixed, but I know a neighborhood boy to a monthly income of over 10000, what? People will write a novel


3 hours a day, updated 1 words, earning tens of thousands of dollars, let students become the keyboard "money machine", this is absolutely not "Arabian Nights" >

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