is very busy recently, I haven’t come A5 to write articles, not to share their views and experiences in Shanghai dragon A5. Love Shanghai search change at any time, but the change is the user experience. But now many webmaster website pages by K phenomenon. So many webmaster is undoubtedly the most trouble love Shanghai "Crazy" symptoms.


believe that in February of this year, which will undoubtedly bring the biggest upset many webmaster, it is "the new government took office three fire". The new year. We are ready to work, love Shanghai to this. I often see in the forum webmaster to ask a question: "love Shanghai only included the home page, the page is K, I believe that many owners are caught". Including me, too, after I adjusted, finally restored included and weight in April 8th, I was caught in February 15th as shown in figure

. Many webmaster have included from hundreds or thousands into 1

I have many websites, I often put a few websites to promote in a forum. I used to promote the site, in a section of a page is all my station, after a period of time, the whole section data >

method to find out the website page is K. At that time I began to suspect that the domain name server, and other reasons, my article is to ask the editors to write, I first time to check the quality of the recently updated website. But it did not repeat the update, the phenomenon of plagiarism. Is it the domain name server and is not the result:?. I just started to think is the cause of the server, I love Shanghai love Shanghai whether to punish the query server and domain name, I think is the cause of the server, the result is wrong. I put the server from abroad to domestic, still did not improve, I exclude these three reasons, there is only one reason, that is to promote. This station chain has not increased, as shown in figure


traffic has declined, as shown in figure

to flow in April 9th to recover it. This is how I nearly 2 months to recover his website, how to find these reasons. At this moment the webmaster don’t be nervous, some webmaster immediately to the revision, there stand the friends immediately increase the chain to the end, some even home is K, busy to find solutions, not from their own reasons to find. I do not pay attention to this station for a week, by the end of February slowly looking for a cause. Because you don’t know is their own reasons, or to love Shanghai, so I according to previous experience the first observation for a week or so, keep the previous optimization, but after a week old.



two, solve the website pages by K method

, a method for using the exclusive K



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