A, buy traffic, spent the first 2 thousand months to buy some pop, I’m not Luantan, I am looking for a targeted site, and claim the final page pops up, and must be returned to play. After my previous experiments, the final page conversion rate will be highest.

everything is hard in the beginning is an indisputable fact, see entrepreneurs have not fully prepared? Whether it has the courage to accept the challenge? The biggest enemy is not others is himself, "success is always to those who are ready for" do not leave, Alibaba’s chief executive, Ma Yun, Foma Group Chairman Ke Yongkai, Heng Group Chairman Xu Lianjie, behind which one does not contain the entrepreneurial business is difficult, difficult to start all sorts of joys and sorrows?. Not everyone can go into business and start a business as a boss. God only favors those who are willing to bear hardships, have vitality, be responsible, speak credit and have perseverance. Because most people are very vulnerable, will escape the pain, pursuit of comfort, passive attitude, poor service skills, not the lack of ability to enhance the productivity of sales, occupation, no innovative thinking, do not know how to authorize and incentive, lack of team spirit, cost rising, operating at a loss, the wages, close the door out of business, wanted to take money, never got into debt, no better day, let yourself go a lot of detours!

network entrepreneurship has become a convenient way to solve the employment problem. According to the first online shopping network www.001888 data show that in 2008, 570 thousand people through Taobao online shop to achieve employment, of which more than half of the age of 23-32 years old. In 2009, only Taobao will achieve millions of direct jobs, these jobs are mainly concentrated in logistics, finance, marketing and other online shopping related industries. Network Entrepreneurship will become an important driving force of China’s economy in 2009. According to IDC, an international advisory body, each person creates jobs through a web shop that will boost employment opportunities in 2.85 related industries.

my current staffing: my +2 MM customer service, +2 editors, +1 part-time PHP developers. Office location: in my 2 room, room 1. Started in March this year, the main station, the first month into 8000, bought a web site, when buying this site only earn more than 1000 per month. When I bought this website, I had thought how to develop, and of course I didn’t have 100% confidence. Through continuous analysis of data, organize site columns and find promotion channels spent 1 months, second months, I began the development of membership fees, then the free membership of more than 20 thousand, active up to 2000, the development of membership fees more than 400, membership fee income 40 thousand, advertising fees earned more than 3000, I summed up the end of the month secretly glad that I do.

6, my website 70 thousand yuan income from which?

write some related fees, members will pay attention to the soft Wen, sent to my website, target customers will go to the forum, blog, and paste it. This has the highest conversion rate. I asked the editors to write only 1 articles a day. They had to be fine. I passed them.

1, I’ve been thinking about websites for three or four years, and making money really starts this year. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing since I started doing it.

now buys 10 thousand of its traffic every month.


so, use the network business to position their mentality, in the network business world, you can do business on the Internet a lot, you may want to start, do you want to have websites, web design and so on, do not worry, as long as you know the network business can increase revenue. You can join the auction selling things shopping site without shipping purchase, accounts receivable and so on, or their copies, or get a family, do more for the goods trading network without end, there are a lot of franchise system, blog to other bookstores, as long as you can find many now in search.


is not a high mountain to an immortal, not in deep water business, Long Zeling, a stylish and helpless move, a section of interesting legend, is always difficult and courage in more or less test of entrepreneurs. As for the entrepreneurs who use the Internet, entrepreneurship needs a kind of patience, and a dual process of being able to stand loneliness and hardship. Network entrepreneurship is like going through a block of thorns, from time to time will often be stabbed to death by entrepreneurs, but as long as you can know how to wait, will be persistent and wisdom added, entrepreneurs may laugh last.

how does my website do 150 thousand IP,


third months, I got 2 MM customer +2 editors and 1 part-time PHP developers, for greater development, I no longer personally to do specific work, to the new service and how the content of revenue, with more members who earn more.

, C, sh419, shlf1314, some. I let the editorial staff constantly according to my request to optimize my site optimization is very simple, is to search the word yesterday or before I did the first row, specifically to write an article for the word, but I do not have a hot word, long tail word the search volume is not high but very targeted. So I’ve been doing it for months, and guess how much the long tail words come in every day, bringing in more than 20 thousand of them every day. 20 thousand IP for some SEO master is nothing, but my value is very high, make money. These words are accumulated by my continuous statistical system.

2, now my main station IP day average 150 thousand or so, the website last month income in 70 thousand yuan, this month to now more than last month, advertising fee is only more than 6000, mainly rely on membership fee.

last month’s 640 toll members, each >

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