single page Taobao customers to promote actually has not been recognized, but there are still a lot of Amoy will use the third party blog do guest, by weight of BSP only modest single page product promotion, a large number of messages to other blogs or access records, the hope can get other bloggers to visit other bloggers, enter the blog, only to see a single page, type of advertising a product introduction product sales, visit this blog in the bounce rate is particularly high, but the user experience is not too high, if you want to pass the single page sales is difficult. Moreover, garbage advertising pages in pomegranate algorithm, only death results, in order to truly master for a long time to improve the weight, or to do the high quality of the page, not only to the immediate interests.

Shanghai dragon is a constantly evolving optimization, search engine algorithm constantly updated on the site outside the requirements of the construction is getting more and more high, the third party BSP blog has become the platform of favorable external construction, but need only to find the blog has been down right here, with a few examples to analyze Sina BSP blog is the cause of the K.

spam advertising content

station Links

Sina blog Jian Bo has been 2 and a half years, without being K away before the weight has been very high, long tail keywords to get traffic is very objective. In view of a blog weight like this, the blogger in order to get some benefit, do some tasks in Amoy advertising alliance, advertising content from release some garbage, the anchor text links to other sites, some will post with multiple links, and even some of the content is illegal sensitive topic. To add malicious content keyword, bold keywords, a lot of station anchor text links and bottom pure URL address link, in Shanghai after updating the Scindapsus aureus algorithm, cheating blog may be love Shanghai detected, then give drop right processing is reasonable.

blog operation concept error A large number of

blog trash Amoy platform

third party blog like independent blog with customization, bloggers can add their own component box, do friendship link to the station. The Bsp blog is used to increase the weight to the master, so the general Links but also export link one-way, no limit to the number of bloggers to add a blog to check derived more, even if the weight of the blog is again high, one-way derived will lead to weight loss. Optimization of some derived plus the site itself is not perfect, resulting in the blog has also been traction right down unwanted effects. A large number of outbound one-way links, may lead to a spider that is standing group, or a large number of business links to avoid cheating, right down illegal treatment, clean up unnecessary links even if some bloggers become important things.

may be a reason about the blog K, webmaster will.

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