we all kinds of marketing methods, the visitors through the direct input address, search engines, or mailing labels such as the site visit way. We would like to visit, not marketing means clever, but they all have a craving, desire for: Beloved objects, the latest news, learning opportunities, valuable information, self realization and so on, to meet the material and spiritual dimensions. The first step in the quest to land the website, navigation menus, site map, Tag tags, breadcrumbs, search etc. are provided by browsing tool, which stand inside the search that visitors.



OK, a kind of exception, when commodity information and other information fusion in host search column (software industry site more common), the use of limited search but is a good idea, for example: to discuss cooperation limited area, information, product information and other regional search.

1, the search box location

limit the scope of search, which allows users to search in specific areas, such as books, music, DVD etc.. It sounds good in theory, but not all general. Jacob · Nielsen usability research based on more than 10 years, that revealed the problems, for example: the user choose the wrong classification search, or the users don’t realize is limited within the scope of the search, rather than the entire station (especially when the search scope default to a certain region).

search box optimization

3, the scope of the search

so, can use Amazon’s way, the default station search results and then through the classification, screening, accurate search results.

well, that how to set the search to more conducive to visitors use? Let’s take a look at the following 22 optimization strategies.


search box should be put in the position of visitors expected: the right angle or above the middle position. To avoid the "search" text link to the navigation menu form as the search function, because the majority of visitors love using the search box in the form of search. Also should avoid registered mail, mail subscription and input box, put in the search box should appear position, that will mislead the visitors. If have to mail the input box with the search box near the position, can be in the box shows "please enter the email address, please enter search keywords" prompt.

2, the search box size



search box must be long enough to accommodate the search term, visible at least 30 characters, so that visitors click on the "search" button, can see most of the contents of the search term, want to search term confirmation.

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