Hello, I was seven, today is the first submission station network, I also is the business in a boat in the sea ~ may currently landing, but also saw the Coast ~ I want to write an article on the new venture article, really want to share with you a business process, I may. A lot of friends now have a good income, but also do the site at the same time, full of sound and colour, there are a lot of friends are still some problems for early acute do not know how to do. His writing is not good, some of the vernacular to write, I hope to bring some help to the new friends.

direction: This is very important, it can not find the way there is no direction, no way to how to move forward? Actually starting from their own interests, is not really to want to do something interesting? Instead of just doing what you’re told, have their own ideas, planning direction, and then from the start slow start, not afraid of you, but you don’t know what his body in what areas, for example, I put itself on the network, e-commerce is now, I can from the small personal website to start, now do is pay attention to dress collocation website.

family: I believe not every friend’s family was 100% to support themselves, may often talking about at home rather than go to work, who is the son of the home to find a good job, I want to say, we are not willing to go out looking for work, or we can’t find a good job, just because it is a dream of our life, everyone living in different ways, some people are willing to fight for their love of the job, and we are going to fight for his love of the cause, I say this is not to deny that my family’s care. Just want to say yes, friends, for their own dreams, make them look for refueling success.

insisted: new friends, today I want to really tell you, no matter how hard you are currently carrying out career, if you really want to make their own career, we must insist, insist on this word, if I had really understood, perhaps would have succeeded.

team: often joked, if I was born in ancient times, to some Zhanshanweiwang, team is the core of a project, ask yourself, is not often a personal struggle, often impulsive, irritable, distressed. Because of a confused mind, without a clue, the loss of reason and wisdom, teamwork is not only efficiency division of labor, because shared a dream, we can build a stronger combination of each other. At the same time pay attention to the point, do not randomly find team, must be the same as

I had many business projects, opened a fast food restaurant, business dog field, opened a real estate company, took some small projects, also opened a shop, some money, earn some experience, now he is building a website, the website about dress collocation. Let me share some of the key factors that affect entrepreneurship,

one, website affiliate ad

‘s shlf1314 semi refundable situation has more or less affected its Adsense market share, thus providing an opportunity for the development of other websites in china. And Ali group claimed that in the future there is a place where Taobao site, you can see its ambitions in the development of the site alliance. sh419 also in the past few years continuous down Adsense divided into cases, announced that this year will increase the webmaster divided into 10 to 15 percentage points. Tencent search platform is also ambitious to use its huge user base to explore the website alliance market.

is a web site, Web Alliance in the early stage of the development to provide the necessary funds to help, in the influence of the site, IP and PV have not yet reached a level, only through the website alliance earn a commission to support the development of early website. And the current situation, the site alliance is not very optimistic, the amount of League deduction, deduction of money widespread phenomenon, Xianning SEO believes that how to regulate the site alliance market, the urgent need for relevant departments involved in remediation.

two, precision marketing advertising,

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Xianning SEO shlf1314 Adsense admire this, because it is according to the keyword advertising, and to some extent improve the relevance of advertising and website content, which can not only improve the advertisers advertising effect, but also conducive to the increase of the webmaster advertising revenue. Later, sh419 learned that shlf1314, also use keyword advertising, but perhaps because the technology itself is not perfect, many owners reflect the ad click rate is much lower than the shlf1314 Adsense.

website how to make money, advertising is a kind of include, put on the website, alliance advertising and put accurate marketing advertising. Today in Xianning, SEO is here to discuss some of the differences between affiliate advertising and precision marketing advertising.

a lot of people begin to do the website, the first choice is the advertisement that makes a website alliance, wait until oneself website has certain influence however, throw accurate sale advertisement again.. Xianning SEO very much agree with this view, because the union advertising and accurate marketing advertising different requirements, as well as in order to achieve maximum profit website, so that our webmaster friends have to do so.

recently, the Internet giants have increased their investment to the website alliance, means to win the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster friends, visible in the next few years the website alliance is likely to fired hot up. Individual stationmaster said: a PV page refresh for the 500 thousand sites, the same advertising, the same position, the same form, obtained from Ali mother every day is divided into about 50 yuan, from sh419 union can get about 80 yuan, from shlf1314 ad sense to to about $80.

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