: please pay attention to the first station optimization

When the content of

third: the chain should pay attention to update

web site in the station optimization and stood outside optimization should have equal status, to do well in the station optimization, and then is standing outside the optimization, whether it is the content of the update, or do the chain, and so on, there are many places need to pay attention, pay attention to.

website to grow up, the chain of.

The new When

but when we build a website, want to let the site quickly have ranked, these are the very purpose, always want to let the website profit, but when we try to send the chain, then finally went up, but soon went down again, you should reconsider the website that this time, may give the wrong operation method is to the railway station, then a website or four points up yourself.

website we usually issued, according to the timing and quantitative standard to do, every day can be timed to form a habit to update the website, especially in accordance with the daily updated principle, don’t update today, and then again after a long time before an update, this also affects the spider spirits. The content of the web site has to have the original, or that was not written, it is original, this is a way of things, but the acquisition is not really good, if you are a website full collection of content on the network, so a few months later, you will become rubbish the site, because is the spread of things, why do you favor, huh.

sites we must pay attention to the interior of the website optimization, at first we choose the theme of the site, we must make clear what is the web site content, determine a theme is not easily modified, then the title and description according to the web site keywords optimization, I remember to improve in Shanghai love optimization guide, describe the relationship, love Shanghai guide words "Meta description is a concise summary of the web content. If the description description and web content match, Shanghai will have one of the love of description as the target, a good description will help the user from the search results to determine whether your web content and demand." That explained, only the description and site theme related, if it is found that the website content is not in accordance with the topic to write, can be described is not description, they must pay attention to; another point is that don’t often see the accumulation of key words, put a lot of keywords in the ALT property, that is to do image annotation use, not accumulation place, and pay attention to the use of H1, can not, but not enough, and so on, don’t try to choose flash as the content, and finally the optimized code is the key to improve the speed of the site.

second: update

In fact,

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